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I found this effects of my zoom G3 underused, an HD reverb, i put the decay to the max and yeah, it's an overly woosshyyy thing, but any ways hope you find it guys useful.


August 16 2016 15:24:09
:):):) as always kenny:

January 23 2016 21:01:14
Every track of yours is a treasure. High time to follow you!
+1 January 25 2016 09:11:56 Liesching kennyadry
That is an utmost privilege...I was actually just satisfied following you, but you following me,..I am humbled :) Thank you Marc!
January 17 2016 08:41:04
Why haven't I heard your stuff before ?
+1 January 26 2016 16:07:52 onewholeft kennyadry
Thanks a lot Lairdy! Glad you stopped by!
January 13 2016 15:12:30
Lovely tone, gentle track :)
+1 January 26 2016 16:08:10 hurzel kennyadry
Thanks a lot hurzel! :)
January 13 2016 04:45:10
Great! Must try that HD reverb again...
+1 January 13 2016 05:08:33 akethesnaker kennyadry
Thanks Ake! Yeah every once in a while try to get that!
January 13 2016 03:46:17
Kenny... My God can you play. I just want to take this track, steal it and make it my own. Your feel, your personality, your ability... Just extraordinary. As Marc and Alice who proceed you prove, you are nothing but the very, very best. A talent beyond question. The backlog of your tunes alone I want to play on is massive. Thank you.

Thank you for some of the finest and most-heartfelt music I've heard for a long time.

+1 January 13 2016 05:08:00 mpointon kennyadry
You can certainly make it your own! Put your drums here and it will be yours! :) Thanks a lot Martin! Missed your drumming man!
January 12 2016 22:20:11
Unbelievable good composition. You're an ingenious artist, Kenny! Yes you are!
+2 January 13 2016 05:09:27 pkliesch kennyadry
Coming from an ingenious artists itself it makes my heart bigger! Thank you Patrick! :)
January 12 2016 21:43:12
Great work Kenny
+1 January 13 2016 05:09:44 PaulBOwens kennyadry
Thank you Paul! :)
January 12 2016 21:41:45
This large reverb can't handle all the beauty from your song, it comes up in the surface in it wonderful way, believe it or not, I can no longer hear the reverb after a few second, and just listen your beautiful guitar. Awesome Brother! you are Awesome :)
+1 January 13 2016 05:11:07 aleonz kennyadry
THanks a lot great sis!!! And you are a great singer!!!Certainly an a great artist!
January 12 2016 20:47:20
Took all of three seconds for me to hit the download button. Another melodic gem from you. Especially lovely solo at the end.
+1 January 13 2016 05:12:14 Wade kennyadry
WADE!!!! IF you put your sax here I'll be the happiest!!! Thank you so much :)
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