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Just had to play to this Overload of Kenny!

Just some piano and tried not to step on the cool guitarsounds....

Cheers and thanks for your great track Kenny!



August 16 2016 15:23:20
PJEPJE Class Marc :)
+1 August 16 2016 15:36:53 PJEMarceys
Thanks a lot PJE! :)
January 23 2016 21:00:05
LieschingLiesching A gentleman on piano indeed you are, Marc. Perfect, not stepping on nothing, just completing Kennys beautiful piece in the most deligthful ways.
+1 February 21 2016 23:12:50 LieschingMarceys
Thanks a lot! Missed your comment somehow! kenny played a cool guitar with a lot of reverb that I couldn't leave alone! He did a very cool solo at the end too! :)
January 15 2016 15:24:18
nuno1959nuno1959 I'm up in the Monchique area listening to this, the sun is out giving us a generous 18 degrees C & below me a spread of 60 miles of wooded/farm land over a backdrop of sea views….
Yup, sometimes life IS SO FRIGGIN' HARD ! & today it's partly your fault.. ;)

+2 January 15 2016 15:31:28 nuno1959Marceys
I'm so sorry Nuno! I wasn't thinking straight! Let me make it up to you, I'll take your place in the Monchique and you go here in this rainy 2 degrees area! :)
Have a good time man! :)
January 15 2016 15:38:46 nuno1959nuno1959
Ooops, sorry.. i forgot other "geographical realities" aren't as.. how shall i put it ?.. Sun Quenched !? Shame on me…. :D :D
January 13 2016 15:11:20
hurzelhurzel Great playing, Marc! You find exactly the right amount of restraint! Looking forward to the next wikiloops session! :)
+1 January 13 2016 16:47:19 hurzelMarceys
Hey Ben! Thanks man, this was a cool track to play... had to feel a groove in my head without a drumtrack but most of it worked out fine! Will be great to see each other again on a next wikiloops session! Last time was very cool! :)
January 13 2016 09:12:10
AKchenAKchen playlisted, fantastic
+1 January 13 2016 10:49:21 AKchenMarceys
Cool! Thanks AKchen!
January 13 2016 04:56:44
kennyadrykennyadry Man this is beautiful...and there are times I wish I am you,I don't know how you do it, you add to a track with a tempo requirements without a drums and then you nail everything in an outstanding way. Thank you Marc!
+3 January 13 2016 08:56:31 kennyadryMarceys
Hehehe, we should exchange spirits for a while... You go live here in the Netherlands and I go there being you! Would be a cool experiment! :)
Thanks for your great track Kenny! Had a very good time!
January 13 2016 04:28:07
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very nice:)
+1 January 13 2016 08:54:18 Lenny CowlerMarceys
Thanks man!
January 13 2016 03:41:47
mpointonmpointon Yeah. It's Marc. It's Marc adding to Kenny. Of course it's the best. I rest my case.
+1 January 13 2016 08:53:50 mpointonMarceys
There is no best in music! But so much good fun on this cool track of Kenny! Thanks man!
January 13 2016 00:48:08
goldtop68goldtop68 a great add to a sweet tune
+1 January 13 2016 08:52:51 goldtop68Marceys
Airy track with some piano add's :) Thanks man!
January 13 2016 00:07:58
PsychoPsycho Very well done... Tof put it nicely in his comment :)
+1 January 13 2016 00:43:46 PsychoMarceys
Haha, thanks man, had some good fun this evening with all these cool tracks!

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