Sweetest Silence

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This song keep floating on the air this morning, so I took my guts to sing this beautiful song from Kenny & Marc..

Hope you like it, and thank you for listening...



June 05 2016 17:16:51
amandoamando Gran tema Aleonz, tienes una voz que transmite emociones y sentimientos, bravo!!

January 23 2016 20:56:03
LieschingLiesching Very beautiful! Love your songs, Al.

January 16 2016 22:28:01
schwaglrschwaglr So perfect. Makes me stop every other thought in my head and pause to listen. Thank you!

January 15 2016 15:51:49
nuno1959nuno1959 Really like how you've ''woven'' your vocals with the mix, very cool indeed.. ;)
+1 January 15 2016 19:23:17 nuno1959aleonz
Thank you so much Nuno, one of the the great thing of doing this jamming stuff is got a chance to learn many things, still need to learn much from things here...but I believe the more i do it the more I get better (i hope) hahahha
January 14 2016 00:21:48
GlezBassGlezBass Splendid
+1 January 14 2016 04:37:00 GlezBassaleonz
Hi Glez, thank you very much
January 13 2016 21:59:40
pklieschpkliesch Touches me deep, Alice!
+1 January 14 2016 04:36:48 pklieschaleonz
Thank you very much Pat, that's mean so much for me
January 13 2016 20:41:51
tullicbrtullicbr Great Job AL!! :)
+1 January 14 2016 04:36:10 tullicbraleonz
Thank you for listening Tulli
January 13 2016 15:08:38
hurzelhurzel Very beautiful, Alice! :)
+1 January 14 2016 04:35:38 hurzelaleonz
Hi Ben..thank you for stopping by :)
January 13 2016 13:35:10
MarceysMarceys You created a very cool vocaltrack Alice, you managed to keep Kenny's atmosphere with your performance! Delivery is your middlename!
+1 January 14 2016 04:35:18 Marceysaleonz
Thank you Marc, it's always a pleasure to play with you & Kenny,,
January 13 2016 11:07:44
HarmonicamHarmonicam great performance, very very nice :) lovely voice, great harmony of instruments and voice ..
+1 January 13 2016 12:39:34 Harmonicamaleonz
So happy to see you dropping by H! thank you very much for take a listen to this track :)
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