Unholy Man

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Just another Loops jam where the track hit me and took my mind on a little adventure. Here's what came out. Cheers!
Awesome job to the Musicians that created this track!!!!!


April 02 2016 13:27:28
Damn Ben, you're a savage!

January 15 2016 11:21:51
great voice and fantasttic expression, I love your freestyle
+2 January 16 2016 17:22:27 AKchen Herman420
Thanks AKchen! So much fun
January 15 2016 08:42:31
You don`t know what you are singing there? :D
Singing without a language musst be fun;)
Awesome add buddy ;)

+2 January 16 2016 17:21:39 Basster Herman420
No bro, I like the excitement of putting a track on here and listening to it once its posted, its either good or not, but almost everything on here is just first takes. I would copy the track to my DAW, then hit record on the vocals and start singing. You can tell in my songs that a lot of the time my timing is off because the song would change tempo and I have to adjust my vocals on the fly to conform to the song. But that is what I love about it. Keeps me sharp on the fly!
January 17 2016 02:05:52 Basster SupJax
the timing sounds kinda ultra-skilled. rhythm is your gift aye :)
January 15 2016 06:30:34
Awesomeness Herman! \m/
+2 January 16 2016 17:18:18 YoWild Herman420
Thanks man \m/
January 15 2016 03:16:27
I don't know how you come up with the words but it's awesome :)
+2 January 16 2016 17:17:59 Wikimark Herman420
The words just flow and go. I have been doing this for years. Many years of just jamming with friends and grabbing a mic and singing. When your in the moment you don't have time to write it out or redo it... You just go. Thanks man!
January 15 2016 01:40:32
+2 January 15 2016 01:43:48 Babbazitt Herman420
Thanks Babbazitt!!!
January 15 2016 01:29:32
wow. first, thx for the hold-on till 0:25
sounds like someone is sitting in his 1-man-shuttle, out of fuel, crying an s.o.s. into the dead mic. drifting into the void while a sun is lighting the electronics

no clue what lyrics are about actually. just explaining sound & feeling. heavy thx for this addition

+2 January 15 2016 01:43:24 SupJax Herman420
Thanks Mate! I have no idea what the lyrics are about either. I just said what was going on in my head as I listened to the music. Its such a cool thing that happens. So much fun!
January 15 2016 02:13:40 SupJax SupJax
if drunk - keep that mode!
if not - follow step 1!
it's crazy. there's a spacey cutscene in my head. in 1080p. even more when i hear 'angels' and 'silence' and stuff. feels like it's a last message to someone, before the screen fades into black. ignore the dead mic xD aye, much fun, me salutes

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