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Apologies to woXey for experimenting with his fine track. Sax modified beyond recognition. Does it work?


January 17 2016 12:41:26
Very cool Wade, love it :D
+1 January 17 2016 20:57:49 haddock Wade
Any way to add bass? It's certainly different!
January 17 2016 01:47:00
Heck yeah it works :)
+1 January 17 2016 20:56:59 Fishinmissio Wade
Thanks Mark. No longer recognizable as a sax is it.
January 18 2016 15:36:49 Fishinmissio Fishinmissio
No..Totally different and way cool :)
January 16 2016 20:33:27
Good sound an interpretation. That's approaching guitar effects. What kind of plugin you have chosen ?
+1 January 16 2016 21:08:05 Phénol Wade
Not a plug in. This is live play going through a guitarist's effects box. Makes a big difference as I'm hearing the sound as I play and have that feedback to hear what works and how to use the pedal. I don't think I could have achieved this sound without hearing it as I played. Glad you liked it. Thanks Phenol.
January 16 2016 19:43:49
Awesome! Weird great stuff!:)
+1 January 16 2016 21:03:36 akethesnaker Wade
Hey Ake! Getting close...may soon be able to tackle some of your stuff. Having an appropriate sound can make a difference.
January 16 2016 13:33:39
you are becoming a very interesting fellow wade. love it
+2 January 16 2016 21:02:00 FrankMil Wade
Hey Frank. Just finding the means to express some different stuff. You guitarist types have always had the means to change your turn! Cheers man.
January 16 2016 22:45:58 FrankMil FrankMil
Keep doin what ya doin brother
January 16 2016 10:35:53
:D Wah Wah Sax :D
+1 January 16 2016 21:00:22 woXey Wade
Yea, kind of a wild wah wah, but other stuff in there as well. Cheers woXey.
January 16 2016 10:34:42
:o Awesome!!!!! I love that sounds Wade!!! It sounds like ure soloing like on a guitar in some parts man!!! Great fusion!!!! We are on the same vibe amigo!'' Im gratefully amazed
+1 January 16 2016 20:59:30 woXey Wade
It's a guitarist's effect box, so I guess it's appropriate for it to sound that way. Sometimes you just want/need a different sound to fit in.
January 16 2016 08:33:22
it works fantastic, very cool music ;o)
+1 January 16 2016 20:58:11 Uloisius Wade
I guess I'm stepping into the dark side like you. Thanks Uli.
January 16 2016 07:26:37
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
It´s fantastic my friend:)
+1 January 16 2016 20:57:28 Lenny Cowler Wade
Well, it's different! Thanks Lenny.
January 16 2016 01:03:38
I was waiting for this !
That's excellent and definitely YES that works Wade!

+1 January 16 2016 20:38:04 Tofzegrit Wade
Just one of your ordinary (last generation?) guitar preset boxes. Yea, you know where I heading. Cheers.

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