When Mama Sings

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Moving peace from my brother. Guess I can't mess with most of the artful additions this song got so far. But I just could not resist. Hope it's not to dripping, especially at the end :)

When Mama Sings

Ghosts are squirmin'
in dark corners of the room
unknown faces
looking brightly grinning into your little crib

sometimes it's cold,
sometimes to hot,
sometimes so comfortable, warm and fuzzy feeling,
sometimes not

but when mama sings,
the world stops turnin'
ghosts stop squirmin'
wind stops burnin'
and long awated blissful sleep,
falls upon you,
when mama sings

when mama sings,
the world stops turnin'
ghosts stop squirmin'
wind stops burnin'
and long awated blissful sleep,
falls upon you,
when mama siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings


my friendly package
have a
sheltered life
a world of peace
yes a world of peace
just smile
cause love is all around
when mama sings

(c) 2016 by pkliesch


October 18 2016 03:53:01
nuno1959nuno1959 Lucky i found this via an add by Glezbass…
What on earth did your parents feed you as children ?
This is a serious case of brotherly talent….
Lovely song Patrick, very nicely done !! ;)

+1 October 18 2016 07:43:31 nuno1959pkliesch
Wow, thank you so much for this nice comment, nuno. (Most of the time just Cornflakes ;) )
October 18 2016 10:21:16 nuno1959nuno1959
Well, i'm sure they added something to the cornflakes :
I had them too & they didn't do much for me… :D :D
October 18 2016 15:59:02 nuno1959pkliesch
Not true! They did it also for you as I can hear in your tracks:)
October 17 2016 01:53:53
PsychoPsycho How did I miss this? So brilliant Pat... enjoyed every note !!

October 16 2016 22:05:59
GlezBassGlezBass Awesome Patrick, that well you sing friend!

July 23 2016 20:19:57
francisco alfrancisco al bom vocal linda cação bom trabalho

February 09 2016 03:58:24
AcousticegAcousticeg Almost missed this one. Excellent vocals and acoustic!

January 24 2016 13:05:34
axenvocsaxenvocs Beautiful composition, lyrics and delivery :)

January 23 2016 23:17:20
onewholeftonewholeft Awsome PK your brother must be proud 😎
+1 January 24 2016 04:07:49 onewholeftpkliesch
Thank you, Lairdy! I am proud of him. :)
January 23 2016 11:43:58
Denis31Denis31 Fantastic !!!

January 20 2016 16:00:57
fannefanne great song,perfect playing,splendid singing!wonder why you don't make more adds with a voice like that!
+2 January 20 2016 22:24:35 fannepkliesch
Thank you John. I'm glad you like it. :)
January 19 2016 15:49:56
aleonzaleonz almost miss this one, lucky i keep scrolling down my feeds, and found this gem from you Pat! What a beautiful song you delivered with your gorgeous voice and feeling...love the lyrics...what a great feeling and emotion you lay here!
+1 January 19 2016 21:02:51 aleonzpkliesch
Thank you, my friend. I'm so glad you like it :)

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