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Great track from from the great TOF!!! Modified sax kind of an acquired taste methinks.


January 22 2016 05:41:48
JeebsieJeebsie Very unexpected sound clicking onto a sax track and it works a treat!
+1 January 23 2016 18:51:17 JeebsieWade
Hopefully unexpected can be good. Thanks for the listen and comment. Certainly an experiment on my part, so it's good to get the feedback.
January 24 2016 12:27:41 JeebsieJeebsie
No worries, unexpected is very good.
January 21 2016 03:54:38
nuno1959nuno1959 Oh yes i REALLY like this grit of yours Wade !! Big, ballsy template by Chris & that sax of yours is just.. right THERE !!
What is the effect you're using ? It just owns ! Playlisted… ;)

+1 January 21 2016 09:44:30 nuno1959Wade
The box is a Digitech Vocal 300. I don't remember which effect I used. Usually just stomp my way through until I get something that's appropriate. Maybe "Grunge"? Finding a heavy effect for the sopranino is kind of "different". Glad you like! If you've got something similar we can mike up the sopranino and use it next time and rattle the walls.
January 21 2016 23:26:35 nuno1959nuno1959
You're ON !!
January 19 2016 22:27:22
LieschingLiesching Like this sound a lot, wade!
+1 January 20 2016 21:53:03 LieschingWade
Thanks Marc. Just trying out my new wings.
January 19 2016 15:47:15
aleonzaleonz soft gentle sounds, strong kickin line, you just know what to give and blend in a very excellent way Wade!
+1 January 19 2016 20:33:19 aleonzWade
Thanks Alice. This is all experimental stuff for me. Seeing how the sax can be "tweaked" via guitarist's boxes to give a different timbre. I don't think the regular sax sound would work for this track...opens possibilities (hopefully).
January 19 2016 11:31:11
earlstevenearlsteven metalsax, really strange, i like
+1 January 19 2016 20:30:00 earlstevenWade
Thanks earlsteven! Strange/different I'm OK at. Good is a little more difficult.
January 18 2016 18:52:11
AKchenAKchen awesome !!!!!!!
+1 January 18 2016 21:13:46 AKchenWade
Cheers AKchen. Glad you like.
January 18 2016 18:32:15
PsychoPsycho Wow... tremendous sound and play on this Tof gem !!
+1 January 18 2016 21:13:30 PsychoWade
Thanks Mr B. Every once in a while I need to throw off that image of the old guy playing smoothly. I like that space, but also like going to this sort of place.
January 18 2016 23:02:19 PsychoPsycho
lol... you still look nice, fuzzy and young with cool ears :)
January 19 2016 00:42:07 PsychoWade
Looks can be deceiving. Take your you look like a psycho?
January 19 2016 04:23:02 PsychoPsycho
Depends on the light, and time of night or day :)
January 18 2016 17:50:47
UloisiusUloisius Great sax to the great track from from the great TOF!!! ;o)
+1 January 18 2016 21:11:48 UloisiusWade
Thanks Uli. A very demanding template with wonderful tempo shifts and a lot of energy. Was great fun for me to attempt this.
January 18 2016 17:16:59
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler I agree with Balfo:)
+1 January 18 2016 21:10:26 Lenny CowlerWade
Cheers Lenny.
January 18 2016 17:00:50
MalCoMalCo You don't fool me Wade....that's a gazoo? ye.
+1 January 18 2016 21:10:10 MalCoWade
Nope. Live play sax + guitarist's effects box. Being able to hear this effect while playing opens a whole new realm of possibilities, so the style can also be quite different and approaches guitar and synth styles of playing. I guess when you start off as an electric string player the influence is so subtle that is almost "organic". For me it's a sudden shift.

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