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January 23 2016 15:26:35
very nice mood! :)
+1 January 23 2016 15:28:08 will_C martijn
Thanks! :)
January 20 2016 19:33:33
Nu kan ik um wel horen...en wat klinkt dat fantastisch....Heel mooie muziek Martijn!!
+1 January 20 2016 20:21:42 ericblom martijn
Ik kan m nog steeds niet afspelen btw
January 20 2016 20:20:19 ericblom martijn
Dankje Eric maar er kan nog wat bij 😉
January 20 2016 22:26:39 ericblom martijn
Op Iphone niet en nu ik thuis ben op MacbookPro wel. Komt Goed ;)
January 20 2016 07:29:12
sorry, can´t hear this ... what´s wrong with my computer ?? ;(
+0 January 20 2016 20:51:57 AKchen Dick
hmmm. Seems the mp3 encoding of the file is not standard mp3 format but some sort of mp4-subversion... I believe it must have to do with the local encoding before upload, the WL server does not touch that... sorry, I know that does not help much.
January 20 2016 20:31:11 AKchen martijn
There's nothing wrong with your computer; I 'd put it under the wrong file. I'd put it at 'guitar' and it should be filed under 'sequencer' Ibelieve, because there was not only guitar but also clarinet on this first upload. Well, I'm still little new here so it was changed etc etc...
It should be fixed... And I'll just upload more soon 😊
January 20 2016 20:54:52 AKchen Dick
@martijn: the "does not play on mac" problem is not related to the "wrong instrument declaration" in any way, different technical issue :)
Die you use VBR bitrate when transforming your track to mp3? Just wondering...
January 20 2016 22:45:02 AKchen martijn
"whatever works is good " is absolutely the way I love.
Thanks a lot Dick :)
January 20 2016 22:43:05 AKchen Dick
yes, it seems the decoding error only occurs on mac.
I did not mean to recommend VBR for mp3, just to make sure you do not get me wrong there :)
funny encoding history... whatever works is good :)
January 20 2016 22:22:54 AKchen martijn
You are right, Dick. Strange it is that at first we could play it and then suddenly not anymore but I should find some better ways to encode these things. It was a mp4 at first and a .mov before that...
Last week a ordered a Behringer XENYX Q502USB to record more proper onto my macbook. So far I did it with the dicafoon-app on my iphone and edited in Final Cut Pro as I'm cameraman by profession... so I don't really know the audio recording but I'm making progress :-) The variabel Bit Rating I only know when exporting the timeline from FCP to a file wich should be playable on a dvd. I'm learning!
Thanks to all! (y)
January 20 2016 22:24:24 AKchen martijn
And... It plays good now on my laptop :)
January 20 2016 19:37:02 AKchen ericblom
Hai Dick, it works on my windows computer but still not on my Iphone. Don't know what it is?
January 20 2016 13:17:01 AKchen Dick
works OK for me in firefox... made some minor change, please let me know if it works for you now... thank you!
January 20 2016 08:47:38 AKchen AKchen
upps, good morning :-D
January 20 2016 08:45:20 AKchen ericblom
Have the same problem, Andrea
January 19 2016 20:38:36
very nice - i like it :)

January 19 2016 19:29:31
nice chords and creative use of sound :) welcome onboard !
+1 January 21 2016 18:07:07 OliVBee martijn
Thank you very much OliBBee :)
January 19 2016 08:01:29
Nice strums and soundscape.

I hear lots of potential in this. Things like:
Rainsticks, sea shores, whales that talking etc.

+1 January 19 2016 08:15:11 L3N martijn
Thanks! Feel free to add :)
January 19 2016 07:55:14
Sorry, I added two instruments, is that ok too?
+1 January 19 2016 19:28:52 martijn OliVBee
you have to declare it as "sequencer" then ;) keep that in mind next time :)

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