Never Gonna Wear Flip Flop

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I really love this track from Steve, and I hear Marc's add, I just can't resist to sing on this one..

I hear Marc's sing about his socks, boots, etc inspired by those footwear , and look back from one of my bad experience.

Once upon the time....
I was a bit late to catch some morning meeting with my client, so I took the train (I’m not gonna make it by a car because of the bad traffic jam), I don't really like to use heels so much, so I keep my shoes on my bag, and wear my flip flop instead. that was a full crowded train, and I'm short :(
the rest of the stories is in the lyrics :)

Sorry if you gonna hear some Scream and shout, I"m a bit emotional to remember that moment , my toe turn to blue for weeks LOL

Hope you like it,,,

thank you so much!


November 12 2016 18:47:51
Ernie440Ernie440 Great tune!! Maybe flip flops with steel toes but I guess that defeats the purpose of the flip flop .. hehehe :) Sorry you had to experience that kind of pain. :(

October 30 2016 06:32:26
GBDGBD Funny lyrics never been on the Jakarta train but been on the bus no room to move. Jakarta has the best traffic jams in the world.
+1 October 30 2016 07:20:58 GBDaleonz
hah! so you've been in Indonesia? so cool to know that...yeah the traffic here so bad, and lots of people taking train, and it's always overload since we still work on that transportation and not have much..thank you :)
October 30 2016 07:24:40 GBDGBD
Istri saya adalah dari Indonisia
August 02 2016 20:51:31
jmrukkersjmrukkers Suuuuuper!
+1 August 05 2016 06:36:24 jmrukkersaleonz
Thank you very much Joe
April 28 2016 21:54:55
moonchildmoonchild fabulous and hilarious! xD Haha!
+1 April 30 2016 11:41:07 moonchildaleonz
Thank you MC!
March 18 2016 19:41:28
WoodstockWoodstock Oh Alice, fantastic track, very cool vocals, love it. There are already many bass versions available, but I'll try one more.
+1 March 18 2016 21:24:46 Woodstockaleonz
Thank you very much Woodstock! yes! please come join us :)
March 04 2016 00:59:46
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Well, perfect Alice!! Great emotional singing!!
Hope your toe is well again !! :)

+1 April 30 2016 11:41:22 frankyguitaraleonz
Thank you Franky!
March 03 2016 02:33:59
ToulGuitarToulGuitar Perfect and so...funny!
+1 March 03 2016 16:42:51 ToulGuitaraleonz
Thank you so much Toul!
February 01 2016 19:09:17
KeitonKeiton Cool Alice :)

January 29 2016 22:32:56
tron12tron12 very cool aleonz, enjoy your vocals :)

January 25 2016 10:41:36
FrankieJFrankieJ Alice, this is fabulous.


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