Three Quarters

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Guitar used: Fender Mustang '66
Amp model used: Marshal 1987 Treble mod

Transcription of guitar part available (.pdf .gpx. .midi) Send me a pm if your'e interested.

I found this one hard to mix


July 22 2016 21:58:30
abuitremoremabuitremorem Hallo Nilton - habe ebenfalls GPx - ein tolles Programm. Brauche es, wenn ich kein Instrument habe. Ich meine, man kann brauchbare Sachen machen :)
+0 July 22 2016 23:13:09 abuitremoremnilton
Kann man ja. Aber ich benutze es meistens für Transkriptionen und zum üben. Der Speed-trainer ist unersetzlich.
Wenn du die Datei für diesen Song haben willst, schreibe mir ein PM mit deiner Mailadresse
July 22 2016 23:21:31 abuitremoremabuitremorem
habe sie im Forum heruntergeladen :) vielen Dank
June 17 2016 18:22:12
earlstevenearlsteven toll hinbekommen,super add
+1 June 17 2016 21:17:55 earlstevennilton
Nicht ganz einfach, da die Balance etwas empfindlich war
June 17 2016 21:24:09 earlstevenearlsteven
ist doch kein thema für dich :)
May 18 2016 07:49:06
GirardGirard Enjoyed Nilton. Good jamming.
+0 May 18 2016 08:41:07 Girardnilton
Actually the mix sounds a little better now, not having listened to it for a while
May 18 2016 08:44:29 GirardGirard
Yeah maybe you were hyper-critical of it at first lol
May 19 2016 16:55:38 Girardnilton
Im always hyper-critical against myself. I believe many here are
May 19 2016 17:14:08 GirardGirard
OH yeah definitely. I know a lot of people here who are very hard on themselves.
February 16 2016 22:49:51
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho

January 21 2016 08:50:39
aduadu Hey stefan! Nice to hear from you. Good lead with fine Melody. I believe that this one was very hard to mix, but you did it very well!! Thumb :)
+0 January 21 2016 10:23:37 adunilton
I tried to give it a little more "Rock" feeling but the levels were not set that way from the beginning
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