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Amazed at the talent and range of music coming from YoWild. Not quite up to the heavy stuff (yet) but wanted to be part of this one.


January 24 2016 18:39:10
I'm a bit surprised but I believe I will hear something cool, when I saw your picture beside Yo, and here come the smooth sax fly so elegant on this cool song, you gave an excellent touch here Wade! like you always do :)
+1 January 24 2016 19:08:40 aleonz Wade
Although YoWild hasn't been around that long he's produced some amazing tracks. This one's was a bit easier (for me) than the heavy stuff. So glad that it works for you. Thanks Alice.
January 22 2016 00:13:26
Ya picked a dandy... fine job tackling this with the sax :)
+1 January 24 2016 19:04:47 Psycho Wade
Thanks my friend. Just my kind of vibe, so wasn't that difficult. Just screaming out for melodic line.
January 21 2016 23:11:22
Love Love Love this !!!
Would give 100 thumbs if I could. Fantastic from you both :)

+1 January 24 2016 05:32:27 RobM Wade
Sounds like something you would have done, no wonder you like it!
January 21 2016 21:02:17
absolutely beautiful saxophone playing on the great template from YoWild ;o)
+1 January 24 2016 05:31:50 Uloisius Wade
Thanks Uli. I really enjoyed this one.
January 21 2016 18:51:00
Wow!!! Superb accompanying here. Lovely melodies that compliments the guitar!!!
+1 January 21 2016 19:34:39 kennyadry Wade
Thanks Kenny. Got to work with that guitar! It's about making music that transcends each instrument as separate entities and weaves them together.
January 21 2016 17:21:14
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
fantastic bro:)
+1 January 21 2016 19:30:52 Lenny Cowler Wade
Thanks for the listen Lenny. Much appreciated.
January 21 2016 16:38:43
cody trippcody tripp
Fantastic. Playlisted
+1 January 21 2016 19:30:26 cody tripp Wade
Thanks Cody...that list must be a whopper by now.
January 21 2016 14:38:22
sounds very good here Wade !
+1 January 21 2016 19:29:55 HiFiFlutes Wade
Cheers HiFiFutes!
January 21 2016 11:25:20
Hadn't heard the sax in a police track before ! Well done guys
+1 January 21 2016 19:29:26 onewholeft Wade
Hey Lairdy. I'm most happy when exploring new territory. Just because a riff has "reminders" doesn't mean I'm going to go that way or avoid it. Might get lost on the new path...but might also find something worthwhile. Thanks, glad you like.
January 22 2016 00:42:59 onewholeft onewholeft
Didnt like it LOVED it
January 21 2016 09:49:52
Well, well, well! It´s a download of course. Try to add some strings, before get to work...
+1 January 21 2016 19:22:42 Liesching Wade
Just heard your contribution. Wonderful. Thanks so much.

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