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The second one.
Please tell me what you think of the tone quality of my guitar. (Konzert guitar)
The guitar is 40 years old and the frets
are not even 1mm high. But it is my first guitar and without them I would not be playing. The strings are almost new, Savarez 540 R Alliance.
Played only with fingers, without a pick.
Mic is a Justin (, Thoman, inexpensive, but for me more as OK), recorded in my living room.
Distance from the mic around 30-40 cm ( 12-16"), a little deeper than the sound hole.
Is it worth it to re-fitted again with new frets?
Or should I just hang on the wall and well?
This is the second piece upload, with open chords, played in the first three frets.
Any advice is very welcome to me. Thank-you.
Ah, I forgot: without any fx, comp, eq, etc, only the mic and the guitar.... and me, of course

Please use the HD-wav


January 23 2016 22:32:10
+1 January 23 2016 22:46:50 chrisbass frankyguitar
Thanx chris, much appreciate it!!
January 22 2016 18:32:04
Ok, hier vielleicht ein paar Störresonanzen Franky, die hat aber jede Akustikgitarre, hier liegt es wahrscheinlich an der Mikroposition.
+1 January 22 2016 18:37:52 Balfo frankyguitar
Danke Balfo, dann probiere ich gelegentlich ein paar andere Mikropositionen aus.... mal hören was dabei rauskommt. :)
January 22 2016 08:29:47
ich mag es auch sehr :)
+1 January 22 2016 16:18:48 AKchen frankyguitar
Dankeschön AKchen, das freut mich besonders, wo es doch nur ein paar simple Akkorde sind:)
January 22 2016 03:22:11
Awesome Franky !!
+1 January 22 2016 16:17:25 WHITEPONGO frankyguitar
Thank you Chris! Very kind! :)
January 21 2016 22:52:23
Its a good soud Franky. Something to think about, the older a good quality guitar gets the better the tonal qualities. You may want to consider replacing the frets to freshen this one up. But it depends on whether you like its tone.
+1 January 22 2016 16:15:15 RobM frankyguitar
Thank you Rob! I like the tone, and my heart is hanging on this guitar! :)
January 21 2016 21:14:09
Das gefällt mir sehr gut ;o)
+1 January 22 2016 04:43:28 Uloisius frankyguitar
Hallo mein Lieber, vielen Dank Uli.
Wahrscheinlich muss man ein bisschen experimentieren um das Beste mit so einer Aufnahme zu erreichen:)
January 21 2016 20:41:57
Nice chord play. The tone works, but it's up to you if you want a better guitar. You will definitely like the action, etc of a better guitar !!
+1 January 21 2016 21:40:41 Psycho frankyguitar
Thank you Psy! I don't know If I should buy a better one. Instruments mostly expensive.... I will think about more time:)
January 21 2016 19:35:02
I think it goes well. (will be things cats)
I also think the guitar is not making the guitarist..

+1 January 21 2016 19:46:29 tullicbr frankyguitar
Thank you Tullio! You are right, but with a good instrument it sounds better and playing is easier :)
January 21 2016 20:49:57 tullicbr tullicbr
I want a new bass :.(
January 21 2016 20:53:14 tullicbr frankyguitar
I love frettless :) , but I think it is expensive:@
January 21 2016 22:06:55 tullicbr mortheol
This winter I am working on making an old but nice bass I have into a fretless. It is easier to remove the frets than put them in.:D Hopefully get done soon and post some stuff.
January 21 2016 22:23:14 tullicbr frankyguitar
:D cant awaite:)
January 21 2016 19:32:51
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very good:)
+1 January 21 2016 19:43:30 Lenny Cowler frankyguitar
Thank you Lenny :)
January 21 2016 18:54:07
Besides the sound of the guitar, which I think has "ein schöner schall" I very much liked your playing on both one and two. Sehr gut gespielt;)
+1 January 21 2016 19:30:58 mortheol frankyguitar
Thank you very much! :) it's Great you like it :)

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