September blues

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Gorgeous track from Johnv. Going through his catalog there's a wealth of music to be found.


January 24 2016 16:00:06
Wow Wade! what an add!! glad you used your extraordinary talent to give this song the right touch !, now I only have to persuade Ray Charles to do some vocals on it...would be kind of difficult..
+1 January 24 2016 19:00:22 fanne Wade
Thanks John. You're the inspiration. Funny you should mention Ray Charles. Kind of trying to get that vibe for one of your piano pieces...very Gospel.
January 23 2016 22:34:05
right... heading towards autumn now in down under...lovely
+1 January 23 2016 23:04:25 chrisbass Wade
Right now HOT summer and autumn seems a long way off. Thanks chrisbass for the listen and comment.
January 23 2016 06:50:26
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
it´s very pleasant:)
+1 January 23 2016 20:53:00 Lenny Cowler Wade
Thanks Lenny.
January 23 2016 02:59:59
Sublime. Both of you. Gator
+1 January 23 2016 20:52:44 Gatorblue Wade
Thanks Gator. Glad you stopped by and had a listen.
January 23 2016 01:24:50
Very sexy blues. Love it. Good work you two.
+1 January 23 2016 20:52:06 ROBJOL Wade
Hey Rob. Do you think there is a patter to this doing duos with guitarists? Thanks for your listen and comment.
January 25 2016 11:34:13 ROBJOL ROBJOL
I don't really understand your question Wade. Need explaination...
January 25 2016 19:27:48 ROBJOL Wade
Just my dyslexic typing: "Is there a PATTERN to doing duos with guitarists?" (rhetorical question as it's mostly what I do).
January 25 2016 21:39:04 ROBJOL ROBJOL
I cannot give you an answer. I am zero with musical theory. My technique is to initiate a musical line and leave place for other instruments. The way you played on our last music is a good example of musical interlace and dialog.
I think that Olivbee could give you a proper answer to your question. He is good with theory.
January 25 2016 22:41:34 ROBJOL Wade
Ce ne fut pas une question de théorie. Il était une question rhétorique. Mon propre observation de la façon dont je joue souvent un duo avec juste guitare. Mes excuses si cela semble obscure.
January 23 2016 00:26:12
Really a very fine blues! Enjoy this a lot! Beautiful playing!! :)
+1 January 23 2016 20:51:01 frankyguitar Wade
Thanks Franky. Duos are funny things. Can sound (to some) incomplete. I revel in all that's not played that can engage the listener to hear things that aren't really there but possibilities. I also like that kind of visual art.
January 23 2016 00:16:38
Here we go… AGAIN !
When will you upload something crappy Mr.W ?
Please throw me a bone, i'm running out of superlatives here.. ;) ;)

+1 January 23 2016 20:47:58 nuno1959 Wade
That sounds so much like you. I can hear your voice saying it. It's also a fine compliment. Thanks.
January 23 2016 21:37:04 nuno1959 nuno1959
You're most welcome & i'm glad you do :
''..Hi, my name is Ward… Awk Ward, at your service !..'' :D
January 22 2016 23:58:47
One of your best mate love it September blues in January
+1 January 23 2016 20:46:58 onewholeft Wade
Hey Lairdy. It's not last September...from two years ago! No timescale of boundaries. Love this place. Thanks.
January 22 2016 23:55:09
Awesome Wade :)
+1 January 23 2016 20:44:30 Keiton Wade
Thanks Keiton. Appreciate the listen and comment.
January 22 2016 21:53:54
Yes, have always really enjoyed Johns work. That Wade sax sure has enhanced this one a lot. Fine playing my friend :)
+1 January 23 2016 20:44:01 Psycho Wade
Thanks Mr B. These "soft vibe" tunes from John are a Goldilocks dream...just right.

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