Back Porch Blues

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Balfo492 jams
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New Zealand
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Great blues from the master of this genre Balfo. Sopranino comes in at 1:00. Lots of room in here for more adds.


wow ! soooo fresh :)+1
March 24 2016 20:20:41
Wade You're having a "Wade" listening fest? Really happy that you're catching up with these. Hopefully you're hearing some improvement in my playing. Can't wait until we have the opportunity to play together again. +1
March 24 2016 20:44:14
OliVBee well said buddy :) +1
like the up&downs. nice clean sound! :D+1
January 30 2016 20:07:37
Wade Thanks SupJax. May all our ups and downs be clean! +1
And great blues from the master of it a lot man+0
January 26 2016 20:43:21
Wade Hey Kenny, I blew it? Well yes, of course! But I was thinking as a guitar player...Ha! +0
Great stuff wade fits very good and nice mix! :)+1
January 27 2016 20:09:10
Wade Good to have a basis of comparison. Really makes me sad to see so much young talent wasted by being pushed into playing in an antiquated and non relevant style. Imagine if guitarists were taught that they could only play in the style of Joe Pass (who was a great player...but...). +0
January 27 2016 17:55:16
frenzie Got the message ;) and I never viewed you to be typical and certainly not without feel you drip with feel my friend!! :) +1
January 26 2016 20:41:54
Wade Cheers Frenzie. I find much of the time the approach I'm using may be more guitar-like than sax. +1
January 26 2016 23:23:13
frenzie I will keep that in mind listening to your melodies, not quite a connaisseur on saxophone styles but maybe I learn more out the instrument :) +1
January 26 2016 23:36:39
Wade WARNING! I don't play typical sax style. 99% of sax players are taught to imitate jazz players from the 1960s. They are trying to live the Sesame Street or Simpsons stereotype image of what a sax player sounds and looks like. If you want a typical sax player's style check out:
They play mostly "standards". Playing riffs and arpeggios along with the chord changes is where they are at and showing of your technical chops. Hopefully I'm never going to be confused with those types. The most typical sax proponent of that style here in wikiloops is: itocpogo.

I'd rather play a few notes with feeling than 100 notes that repeat the chord being played and say nothing.
Hey Wade, I am very pleased 'bout your great genius sax playin' here, thanks so much my friend!+1
January 25 2016 20:00:40
Wade Like I've said to all those below, all due to your excellent template...your talent, authenticity, and creative talent. I'm just tagging along. +1
Excellent bluesy song from you two, you made a very nice conversation here Wade, really enjoy this track+1
January 25 2016 19:59:22
Wade Just love playing with Balfo. He's authentic AND creative. Thanks Alice. +0
Great add..👍+1
January 25 2016 19:57:50
Wade Cheers MalCo. Glad you like.. and thanks for the listen. +1
Wow!some innovating add here,el.guitar with an sopranino!!....and it sounds great!+1
January 25 2016 19:56:56
Wade Thanks John. I guess I play the sopranino so much I don't think of it as novel. Can be good to have other instruments' voices spread outside the guitar's range. Baritone sax would also work...but those bastards are way to heavy to deal with. +1
cody tripp
KILLER !!!+1
January 25 2016 19:52:34
cody tripp
Wade Thanks Cody. +1
Your Sax merges with Balfos template, played excellently ... thumbs up ;o)+1
January 25 2016 19:51:18
Wade How could I miss? Everything was so set up so well by Balfo. Thanks Uli. Such a privilege to be able to play with talents like you and Balfo. +0

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