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Some people say imitating is a suicide.
Some people say it's a flattery.
For me it's fun to learn great masters.
In this piece my Flugel is on the right ☺.


April 07 2016 08:32:50
OliVBeeOliVBee this is certainly not imitation ! this is how you learn from the masters ... it's always been done this way in jazz or music in general !!
now go buy a flugel and try that for any Chet Baker recording ;)

+0 April 08 2016 02:23:35 OliVBeesfiks
Thank you for the thumb! :)
January 25 2016 21:41:26
GatorblueGatorblue sfki---this is terrific. You do a great job with the breath controller. Good add and fine recording.
+1 January 25 2016 23:55:47 Gatorbluesfiks
Thank you for the compliments, Gator!
January 25 2016 21:37:18
fannefanne Must ban the booze in my studio ! I see things not only double...but now I'm hearing double such short time you must have first written the notes down and the played them... incredibly !
+1 January 26 2016 00:15:45 fannesfiks
Thank you, John!
It'd take weeks to notate what Jeff's playing :). The process is a bit different, but I love doing this.
If you have 2 spare minutes, here is my imitation of Charlie Rouse:
January 25 2016 09:39:17
kennyadrykennyadry In music it's called following the masters!!! You did great :)
+1 January 25 2016 16:43:39 kennyadrysfiks
January 25 2016 08:39:26
TofzegritTofzegrit Yes!
+1 January 25 2016 16:43:01 Tofzegritsfiks
January 25 2016 05:07:49
jaz100jaz100 That is really cool sfiks! What kind of Flugelhorn do you play? Very nice sound you have.
+1 January 25 2016 05:17:02 jaz100sfiks
Thank you, Jeff!
I play instrument from with breath controller.

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