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There is so many versions from DFD's wonderful drums track, I've been listened a lot of remix, and this one from Marc is one of my fave. and I've been kept it in my list from a long time a go...

Need some guts to really touch this track, since it's already have Marc's beautiful voice in it, and I saw Glez laid his lovely bass line, so here I go again with my own language singin this song...

Hope you don't mind if i also sing through your gorgeous voice Marc!

PS:we (Indonesian) have some words to say "love", Kasih is one of them (usually used in poet/poem to call the person you love so dear in a very soft way)

Thank you for listening



October 26 2016 22:50:45
sarmocsarmoc great voice!!

October 13 2016 05:37:50
MugicioMugicio Wow, that's is very cool, now to fly

August 02 2016 20:58:32
jmrukkersjmrukkers Very nice

April 14 2016 05:18:03
glennpglennp Very nice Al... I too could not let this one pass by. Your version is very well done.I enjoyed it very much.
+1 April 15 2016 12:00:07 glennpaleonz
Hi Glenn, haven't see you around, so glad you swing by, thank you :)
April 12 2016 22:54:36
jaeusmjaeusm Excellent singing! You have a tremendous gift :)
+1 April 13 2016 17:29:18 jaeusmaleonz
Thank you so much Jaeusm!
April 05 2016 21:26:35
B427B427 Beautiful!
+1 April 06 2016 01:33:31 B427aleonz
Thank you B!
March 19 2016 18:41:00
slynch1967slynch1967 Absolutely beautiful voice. Thank you for gracing us with this.
+1 April 06 2016 01:33:20 slynch1967aleonz
Thank you so much Slynch :)
March 09 2016 01:03:51
SaidSaid slamat malam great voice,greetings from holland
+1 March 10 2016 10:45:04 Saidaleonz
Selamat Siang ! Thank you very much :)
February 29 2016 09:07:28
WoodstockWoodstock Great, awesome, fantastic,..... I'm lost for words.
+1 March 10 2016 10:44:32 Woodstockaleonz
Thank you so much Woodstock!
February 23 2016 04:45:09
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler awesome, nice language, nice voice :)
+1 March 10 2016 10:44:19 Lenny Cowleraleonz
Thank you brother!

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