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Psycho760 jams Supporter
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It was pleasure to attempt playing on this beautiful composition and song

Thanks to all the talented musicians before I came along.


January 28 2016 13:30:16
nicely done
+1 January 28 2016 16:09:52 goldtop68 Psycho
Thank you my fellow LP lover :)... had a blast with this !!
January 28 2016 01:42:16
you gave a great punch of feeling here Big Psy! you find a very nice spot to draw your line in a very cool way...glad you join in!
+1 January 28 2016 01:55:46 aleonz Psycho
Thank you Big Al... I like all your songs, but this one in particular with the players you had behind you was just too tempting too pass up :)
January 27 2016 23:43:01
Yeah Psycho! Great guitar man! So cool to see how this track is getting a new life! I wish I had played my piano a bit less busy...way cool man, enjoyed it very much! :)
+1 January 28 2016 01:53:26 Marceys Psycho
Thanks, I had a great time playing along with this one Marc! As I just wrote to Glez... this lineup was too hard to pass up and I thank you for it's origination and the honor to play along :)
January 27 2016 23:20:27
Very good job on the guitar Bruce, nice tone and phrasing
+1 January 28 2016 01:49:56 GlezBass Psycho
There are a few almost perfect lineups here and this one of them. You guys did a great job on this and thanks it was a honor to play on this track :)
January 27 2016 22:27:49
great and fits perfect :)
+1 January 28 2016 01:48:08 abuitremorem Psycho
Sure do thank you my friend :)
January 27 2016 21:08:59
This is some fine playing Psycho! Great tone and fits to the track so well!
+1 January 27 2016 21:20:46 kennyadry Psycho
Thanks Kenny... I do like how the intro worked... I wasn't so sure about playing on top of the vocal, but Alice has a voice that carries. Marc's does too on this one, so it was a crap shoot... all the file conversions sometimes mess things up :)
January 27 2016 20:48:06
Thanks Wade... this is a very satisfying track for once. Maybe because it was already so dang good :)

January 27 2016 20:44:46
Nice intro and duo near the end works very well.

January 27 2016 17:10:36
Hey everyone...this is really nice. Psy, you nailed it. Great add. I like how it has a distant sound. Like the lone guitar player jamming in the distance. Cool...
+2 January 27 2016 19:36:11 glennp Psycho
Thanks Glenn... long time no see... the far away sound worked on this one. There are some that I had wished I didn't sound like I was on another planet lol :)
January 27 2016 10:05:32
Excellent my friend, like Xavi said! Great tone too! Wonderful mood :)
+1 January 27 2016 15:54:28 frankyguitar Psycho
Thank you franky... I must say this was nice to play on :)
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