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January 28 2016 22:11:02
Super! Love the title too!;)

January 27 2016 23:56:37
Heavy ! \m/
+1 January 28 2016 00:00:12 axenvocs Rockzilla
Always room for more if you want to join in :)
January 27 2016 20:07:40
Killa' ground bass add Rockzilla :) great !!
+1 January 27 2016 23:21:06 GuitarPlyr Rockzilla
Glad you like it GuitarPlyr, I couldn't resist this jam
January 27 2016 19:54:12
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
super "Geezer Butler" mode:)
+1 January 27 2016 23:05:22 Lenny Cowler Rockzilla
I was seriously trying to get that sound, I used my Thunderbird and an old h&h bass head from the 70's
January 27 2016 15:40:01
Sounds really cool... great jam !!
+1 January 27 2016 23:06:24 Psycho Rockzilla
Thanks Psycho, excellent add on your end my friend, wishing you good health too :)
January 27 2016 12:01:33
Hey Roc;) Super Bass!! great tone,I know how hard it is to get good bass sounds -well done mate:);)
+1 January 27 2016 23:11:03 petebass Rockzilla
Thanks Pete, I had to get in on this Jam. It was a very sabbathy riff and they are my FAVORITE band and the end project turned out AMAZING, glad I didn't pass on it like I do some and then later I'm going DRAT! Why didn't I lay that track down, sometimes timing is everything
January 27 2016 07:51:46
Solid as a Rock zilla
+1 January 27 2016 23:13:35 onewholeft Rockzilla
At least it didn't sound zilly .. sorry that's the best I got, thanks for the great comment Lairdy333 :)
January 27 2016 06:27:15
cody trippcody tripp
Just what I needed to end my day. Smokin' hot !!
+1 January 27 2016 06:29:22 cody tripp Rockzilla
Thanks for the great comment :)
January 27 2016 05:33:07
Very good :)
+1 January 27 2016 05:37:43 Mishteria Rockzilla
Thanks Mish, I'm really glad you like this :D
January 27 2016 05:08:28
Killer dude like that mean attitude. I bet you got your leg up on the couch and a no prisoners scowl on :D. DELIVER the savage goods ZILLA
+1 January 27 2016 05:13:53 Girard Rockzilla
Thanks G, glad you liked it, actually I'm in a bit of pain tonight , had a wisdom tooth pulled so I figured jamming would help me not focus on the pain so much, it worked :)
January 27 2016 05:15:23 Girard Girard
damn when I had wisdom teeth pulled I was out for the count on my pain killers. I'm impressed that you're jamming. I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled out. That's why i'm so stupid.
January 27 2016 05:19:31 Girard Rockzilla
LOL!!! I'm taking Tylenol 3 for the pain, it's not very strong for that type of thing but it helps
January 27 2016 05:22:59 Girard Girard
When I got the teeth extracted, I got a prescription for 8 Tylenol w/codeine. It was always too bad when it was gone.
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