Night in the Folsom Prison

Remix step #2

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Remix step #3 (playing)
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Great track left open by two of our great players Pat and Steve. Jumped in there and took the first 1/3. Middle 1/3 still open (hint). Last third is Steve's solo with sax backing then duo with sax at the end.


April 10 2016 05:44:59
Wow very good track!
+1 April 10 2016 12:28:13 Mike_66 Wade
Cheers Mike. This was great fun form me and always a joy to play with such fine musicians.
January 28 2016 21:20:29
Oh you made a very tempting attack Wade (I spot a very tasty clean floor there before the guitar solo), really love the way you play around with your sax..
+1 January 29 2016 02:37:11 aleonz Wade
Would LOVE to have you step into that spot, or replace me. Whatever...just do it!
January 28 2016 18:45:24
Great sound Wade!! Playing excellent like always!! :)
+1 January 29 2016 02:35:52 frankyguitar Wade
Thanks Franky, you're such a "booster" and have been so kind in encouraging me.
January 29 2016 04:53:40 frankyguitar frankyguitar
LOL "booster" :) Wade, what can I say, I Love good music :)
January 28 2016 15:49:54
This is great Wade! You almost sound like a guitar here! Way Cool!
+3 January 29 2016 02:35:04 Marceys Wade
Thanks Marc. Am certainly trying to modify the sax sound and also think about the music a little differently. Just hope I don't overdo it. Will count on you and others with good keen ears to keep me in check.
January 28 2016 01:28:47
I heard this and forgot to mention how good it is... it's really good Wade :)
+1 January 29 2016 02:33:20 Psycho Wade
Watch out...plugged in!!! Well, that's BS. I'm not that good a player and have no idea what I'm doing with these boxes.
January 29 2016 16:33:49 Psycho Psycho
lol... not that good? Ha (you slay me)! About the boxes... just got to go with the flow... there's a new box coming out every day :) :)
January 29 2016 20:31:53 Psycho Wade
Have noted that the boxes I picked up (used) are not even made anymore. By the time I learn how to use them they will probably crap out. All steep learning curves for someone like me...I can't even text!!!
January 27 2016 23:27:30
Ha ha YES !! I LIKE that swampy, swampy sax !
Yes i do, on top of it w/ a killer FX on it, oooh.. goosebumps Mr W !!
Playlisted.. ;)

+1 January 29 2016 02:31:15 nuno1959 Wade
Ah yes Swampy! You remember that description. I just wonder what could be done if plugged into your gizmos and magic boxes? I've got no idea what I'm doing, but I'm sure it's basic. Glad if it works and isn't too gimmicky.
January 27 2016 22:30:20
Wow!if I could make my guitar sing like that!!sound like a seaboard !
+1 January 29 2016 02:28:01 fanne Wade
Hey John. Glad you like. I'm in long term experimental mode. Can't play any other instrument very well, so am having fun with modifying the sound and feel to achieve something "different" Glad you like. By the way: I think your guitar playing is more than fine.
January 27 2016 22:18:59
Hey Wade! Super saxy! Love it! :)
+1 January 29 2016 02:25:23 pkliesch Wade
Had hoped that I'd hear from you...all your fault! Love these templates of yours. Thanks.
January 27 2016 21:52:31
super ;)
+1 January 29 2016 02:24:30 AKchen Wade
Cheers AKchen. Appreciate the listen.
January 27 2016 21:41:16
The phasing suits sax very well..great add.👍
+1 January 29 2016 02:24:08 MalCo Wade
Thanks MalCo. About time other instruments woke up to the possibilities you guitarists have known about for the last 50 years!

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