KASIH (Marc and Alice)

Remix step #5


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Remix step #6 (playing)


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Oh man...I missed playing so much that I think I have to apologize to DFD, Marc,Alice and Glezz for overdoing this,...Thank you so much guys!!! I missed playing with you all!


November 15 2016 06:55:23
mike_mp-1mike_mp-1 Have to say, very nice add... Nice playing, nice tone...

January 30 2016 01:26:43
RelativityRelativity Ya know , Ive been off awhile and last thing I did a few days ago was check to see what you were up to and nothing. Now I see you snuck two songs in! Great playing!

January 28 2016 20:00:47
WadeWade Sounds like you're pouring your heart out and adding another layer of sadness that matches with Alice's lyrics.

January 28 2016 17:11:52
titititi Bravo Nephew !

January 28 2016 13:27:19
goldtop68goldtop68 sounds great to me, not overdone at all
+1 January 28 2016 13:36:22 goldtop68kennyadry
Thank you Goldtop!
January 28 2016 10:47:21
MarceysMarceys No overdoing at all Kenny! Your tone is supercool and the raw guitarlines are gentle at the same time! You always find a flavour that you add with your guitar that enriches a track beautifully! :)
My pianopart on the otherhand (hahaha) could have been a bit less busy..... :)

+1 January 28 2016 10:52:13 Marceyskennyadry
Thank you Marc! Glad you like it! No your piano was actually just perfect, lovely chords and progression :)
January 28 2016 09:19:21
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great Kenny! For me it's not to much!
And yes, 3:16 is a great outburst on emotion!! :D

+1 January 28 2016 10:10:10 frankyguitarkennyadry
Thank you Frankie!!! I am glad you like it :)
January 28 2016 06:27:01
SlonMusicSlonMusic cool guitar!:)
+1 January 28 2016 08:59:51 SlonMusickennyadry
Thank you Steve! :)
January 28 2016 04:44:36
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler awesome:)
+1 January 28 2016 08:59:39 Lenny Cowlerkennyadry
Thank you Lenny!
January 28 2016 01:50:22
aleonzaleonz AHA! finally! that opening really makes me floating...really love how gently you answering each of my lines...and that solo...oh my you slicing the heart Kenny! 3:16 you killing me Kennyyyyyyy!
+1 January 28 2016 08:59:27 aleonzkennyadry
Alice! :) Great that it made you floating, this track with you singing is absolutely great :D

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