Alone In The Road III almos there4

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haf way there. ad stereo leads. duno what to do next.
i hear in mind sweeps, but cant do it proper jet :p
Any ideas?


June 28 2016 02:26:52
Major 3rdMajor 3rd awesome! love how this developed...The overlaying guitars real nice Yo!
+1 July 17 2016 22:28:02 Major 3rdYoWild
Thanks mate!
March 03 2016 10:31:46
kennyadrykennyadry This is really Mind Blowing...YOu are a genius man. Love your compositions! Thank you for leading me here!
+1 March 03 2016 10:40:59 kennyadryYoWild
Tx a lot bro :) for checking out...
February 28 2016 18:32:13
seemebandseemeband This is an Awesome f@cking track!
+1 February 28 2016 19:39:13 seemebandYoWild
Thanks a lot my friend :)
January 30 2016 15:48:54
SupJaxSupJax perfect tune. try to add a solo lead part right after this one, mono, doubled bpm, up&down, fastpick, very high tap, something like that. and back to wide stereo after that. that's what i'd do, alrdy done :D
+1 January 30 2016 21:20:13 SupJaxYoWild
Yeah! Tx man. Some tapping idea comes out from you. Inspired me to do. ;)
January 30 2016 23:12:45 SupJaxSupJax
lol. nice tag btw xD
January 30 2016 09:36:06
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)
+1 January 30 2016 21:19:05 Lenny CowlerYoWild
Thanks bro!
January 30 2016 00:24:32
Herman420Herman420 This is one heck of a visual instrumental!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!
+1 January 30 2016 21:18:50 Herman420YoWild
Thanks a lot my friend!
January 29 2016 23:49:17
schwaglrschwaglr Really coming along nicely. Keep up the good work!
+1 January 30 2016 21:18:33 schwaglrYoWild
Thanks man will do!
January 29 2016 21:33:40
fannefanne Great guitar Yowild!
+1 January 29 2016 21:55:02 fanneYoWild
Cheers mate!
January 29 2016 21:16:20
WadeWade Wow, this has certainly developed. Now that you've completed this am I set free from adding something?
+1 January 29 2016 21:22:51 WadeYoWild
Thanks a lot! Duno , its not finished, my hand is do... to much is to much.
im just thinking that be cool to make some.. Supose not this? What is the range of sax. Best key?
\m/ :D \m/
January 29 2016 21:47:52 WadeWade
Can play in any key. Am very used to playing with guitarists that aren't as accomplished as you. They typically play in E which for the Bb horns puts me in F#. For the Eb horns I'm in C#. Pretty crap keys, but it's very natural for me.

Range is limited to around two and a half octaves (for each horn). Start and finish notes depends on which horn (tenor, alto, soprano, sopranino). Ab below treble clef is lowest note on tenor. G in the octave above the treble clef is highest note on the sopranino.
January 29 2016 21:53:43 WadeYoWild
Wow! Awesome, didn't know it. Will take that in mind. Thanks!
January 29 2016 19:09:12
MugicioMugicio Genial Maestro, my favorite part of this track started to 01:35 that power!!
+1 January 29 2016 21:04:35 MugicioYoWild
Cheers mate! Yeah I love that part. Powerful bass mix.
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