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An experiment trying to put Daf's #17031 drum track on this freehand composition. I had to chop the drum track to bits in order to make it sound half way decent. I saw bass was added to it earlier and I tried to use it but to no avail. If someone wants to add bass to this one that would be great!

Whether you like this or not Dafunkydrummer's track 17031 deserves a listen =)


January 30 2016 09:42:53
cool chopped Big Psy!, it's work fine in some part, I hear some timing issued in some part ( understandable reason because of DFD not exactly play on this one :) ) but close enough to give a cool idea. I love this song from Karliene so much...
+1 January 30 2016 12:54:35 aleonz Psycho
lol.. it's chopped alright, but just an experiment Big Al. One I doubt I'll try again :)
January 30 2016 17:23:07 aleonz aleonz
hehehe yep and this is a very cool experiment Big Psy! :)
January 30 2016 07:41:16
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
very good bro:)
+1 January 30 2016 12:52:38 Lenny Cowler Psycho
Thanks Lenny... this really needed some live action as you well know :)
January 30 2016 07:28:32
Great Psycho!:)
+1 January 30 2016 12:49:57 Mishteria Psycho
Thank you Mish :)
January 30 2016 02:41:21
You did a good job if you didn't say anything I wouldn't have thought about it.
Cool tune!

+1 January 30 2016 05:11:32 Jeebsie Psycho
Thanks Jeebs, I guess I could have kept my mouth shut, but adding drums was the whole reason why I worked on this song again. thing is, I forgot this composition was played free hand and has so many time changes:)
January 30 2016 02:18:33
+1 January 30 2016 05:06:46 Babbazitt Psycho
Thanks Ian... I really like this song (always have), otherwise I'd never had tried this :)
January 30 2016 02:09:02
Good job sire sounds like a worthwhile effort.
+1 January 30 2016 05:04:36 Girard Psycho
Thanks G... it's not perfect by any means, but once I was close, 4 hours later I thought "good enough"... lol
January 30 2016 01:22:03
Im just trying to figure out what you said you did. Let me digest this.
+1 January 30 2016 02:51:08 Relativity Relativity
Okay so you chopped up DFDs drums then added them to this track. I do hear the edits not..slight pauses but sounds good. Id say success.
January 30 2016 05:02:33 Relativity Psycho
Thanks Joe... I guess I didn't explain it in the description very well... what a nightmare. lol... yes I can laugh about it now, but not when working on it. I had bit's and pieces all over the place... geez :)
January 30 2016 14:18:58 Relativity Relativity
Thats okay, its a laboratory and mixing qualifies as an artform that requires practice. I actually love it when I see people do experimentation like this. Ive done it but I usually dont post my deformed abomonations. I can see though how aligning the edited drums is a challenge and you did well. Nice job. I do honestly think if you had not mentioned it I would have caught a couple of the "hints" it was an edit but no biggie. Keep it up as it inspires me to do similiar.Nice Bruce!
January 30 2016 00:47:04
love this track ! Great choppin :)
+1 January 30 2016 04:58:31 HiFiFlutes Psycho
Thank you HiFi... it was a real trip... got frustrated a lot :)
January 30 2016 00:25:46
sounds really amazing, good job, Psych
+1 January 30 2016 04:57:41 ivax Psycho
Thanks ivax... I liked this one since day one... I wonder what ever happened to Karlene? I guess people come and go sometimes :)
January 30 2016 00:18:52
nice one Man!
+1 January 30 2016 04:55:12 jimkarol Psycho
Thank you Jim... what an ordeal... lol :)
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