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I've been diggin ZZ's track this morning, and found so many super cool track, so I picked this one to play, before i'm off to help my friend doin his spin in the club, this song really a great fun booster to warm up! hope you like it!

Thank you ZZ for this great track!

Thank you for listening!

Ps: I leave a clear space in the middle maybe anyone wanna lay some solo..


March 01 2016 09:48:48
ToulGuitarToulGuitar Soulful.

February 05 2016 23:04:51
CarpenterCarpenter super groovy & great setting of vocals :)

February 04 2016 14:07:15
akethesnakerakethesnaker Love it!

February 02 2016 04:42:27
ZamzamZamzam I haven't had a break to come say wow fantastic, genius and a lot of other great things. You heard my head when I had this piece in my head :-)
+1 February 02 2016 13:06:36 Zamzamaleonz
Hi ZamZam, i diggin up your list a few days a go and found so many gems hard to pick have that special touch on this chill out tunes, really enjoy listening your works, so many excellent tracks...thank you very much ZZ for creating so many super cool songs
February 01 2016 20:35:32
SlowbassSlowbass your voice is sooooooooo pure, loooooooove this song
+2 February 02 2016 13:07:06 Slowbassaleonz
Slowbass! Thank you very much
February 01 2016 10:28:42
kennyadrykennyadry Alice, Alice, Alice...pure love, pure beauty in your singing, pure madness here. Just awesome!
+3 February 01 2016 17:55:39 kennyadryaleonz
Kenny, Kenny, Kenny! thank you so so much awesome brother!
February 01 2016 05:13:15
SlonMusicSlonMusic Perfect.. Love this song!
+1 February 01 2016 17:54:40 SlonMusicaleonz
Just listened your remix, you did it again Steve! thank you so much
February 01 2016 00:27:42
LieschingLiesching Ah! Feel so relaxed now. Thanks Al, you're wonderful!
+1 February 01 2016 17:54:15 Lieschingaleonz
Thank you so much Marc! ZZ made a very great track here..
February 01 2016 00:07:16
AlbyAlby Awesome!! :)
Very Cool song!

+1 February 01 2016 17:53:21 Albyaleonz
Alby! thank you...would be nice if you join with your groovy line here :)
January 31 2016 22:53:34
tullicbrtullicbr it's never the same...
Miau! 🐾 :)

+1 February 01 2016 17:52:34 tullicbraleonz
hah! thank you Tulli!

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