first stab blues with strat licks

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sorry for wailing on the guitar the whole tune had to have a go while enjoying my new pedal LOL

thanks to Baer for great drumming and old mojo for the great basslines and vocaltrack!
great template guys thank you for this great blues tune!


January 31 2016 11:53:18
jmrukkersjmrukkers Cool, great sound and playing
+1 January 31 2016 14:43:01 jmrukkersfrenzie
Thank you JM do you play Leslie btw? :)
January 31 2016 17:06:34 jmrukkersjmrukkers
Sure thing, the Leslie is a big part of the Hammond sound
January 31 2016 17:51:37 jmrukkersfrenzie
i thought this blues is perfect for a smooth leslie ;) if you dont mind asking :)
January 31 2016 00:19:55
BossHenBossHen nice blues playing a little bit of Buddy Guy coming through in the solo
+1 January 31 2016 16:19:24 BossHenfrenzie
thank you Boss for the nice comparison :)
January 30 2016 23:13:53
abuitremoremabuitremorem sounds very good :)
+1 January 30 2016 23:14:19 abuitremoremfrenzie
thanx man! :)
January 30 2016 22:09:49
TG_StratTG_Strat You make that Strat sing!! What pedal is that?
+1 January 30 2016 22:57:55 TG_Stratfrenzie
thank you TG it is an analogman sunface fuzz very responsive and warm it felt like a gamble but Its pretty cool, cleans up very good you can hear it on the recording the drive from the volume knob they did a good job making this thanks for listening TG!
January 30 2016 21:40:31
WadeWade Sounds like a good play to me with nothing to apologize for. Fine solo in the middle. A bit heavier near the end. Don't know why you think your timing/rhythm isn't good. Well maybe it isn''s great.
+1 January 30 2016 21:44:32 Wadefrenzie
weel thanx wade its a bit of an issue I guess i have with my own playing :D thanks for encouragement! :)
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