What now my love (guitar synth)

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It may sound like a keyboard, but the lead part is played on a regular electric guitar into a guitar to MIDI converter and then into a Saturn Synth.


January 31 2016 13:24:20
That's really interesting, sounds way cool!!
+1 January 31 2016 13:25:10 frankyguitar PaulFellows
Thanks Franky
January 31 2016 12:18:49
very interesting conversion thing, well done!
+1 January 31 2016 12:25:18 TeeGee PaulFellows
Thanks ... And it was played on a Strat as well.
January 31 2016 11:42:25
So cool! Hats of 🎩 :)
+1 January 31 2016 11:56:47 frenzie PaulFellows
Thanks Frenzie.
January 31 2016 14:43:40 frenzie frenzie
What midi converter is that to go from guitar to midi?
February 15 2016 23:24:40 frenzie PaulFellows
An I2M
February 15 2016 23:36:01 frenzie frenzie
Must be quite hard to play with properly? :)
April 23 2016 10:59:09 frenzie PaulFellows
You have to work hard to play each note at a time as it is a not polyphonic, so you can't afford to let other strings ring which would yield false conversions. I found that it responded quite well to string bends and finger vibrato though. You do however get a lot more scope to controlling the synth with a guitar than you get with a regular keyboard. You soon get used to working around the ideosynchrocies of midi conversion as you play a few times.
April 23 2016 16:12:07 frenzie frenzie
Thank you very much for the detailed reply much appreciated! :)
January 31 2016 11:35:17
I have the nostalgy of my GR50 :) I'd never bought a midi converter since, I should to!
Well done Paul, you really play the sound instead of playing just the guitar

+1 January 31 2016 11:56:03 Tofzegrit PaulFellows
Yes you got to work at it quite hard so that you don't get false conversions especially when as in this one I enabled the pitch slide mode. Still work in progress though trying to get the technique sorted but I did manage to play it raw without any post production editing. Hope you have fun also. If you need any advice re settings etc, just ask.
January 31 2016 10:35:52
Very cool sound Paul, and great lead lines. Playlisted!
+1 January 31 2016 10:37:36 jmrukkers PaulFellows
Thanks JM. You keyboard playing on this was splendid and inspirational for me.
January 31 2016 11:13:13 jmrukkers jmrukkers
Very pleasantly surprised how that Saturn sound meshes with the electromagnetic Hammond tonewheel, old and new, great combination
January 31 2016 09:18:22
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
Wow!!!Great play:)
+1 January 31 2016 10:39:31 Lenny Cowler PaulFellows
Thanks Lenny.Super drumming as well. I tried to bring up the drums a bit more in the mix as they seemed to be a bit low on the previous mix.
January 31 2016 05:02:45
cody trippcody tripp
Fantastic !!!
+1 January 31 2016 11:57:03 cody tripp PaulFellows
Thanks Cody
January 31 2016 02:20:25
Interesting way to add a guitar love the way it turned out thanks for adding
+1 January 31 2016 10:40:39 Rickplayer PaulFellows
Thanks Rik. Always a pleasure to add to tracks where you are a player.
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