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This is hands down the most mesmerizing song done by Kells and Wade. I listened to there upload for hours. Originally listened in the hopes of coming up with drum ideas. But soon found myself day-dreaming. It has a way of soothing your head and relaxing the stress of the 24. Wade is just unbelievable on the sax. Not to mention Kells talent with the melody and rhythm.

I went with a abstract approach on the drums. Just trying to fill in the blanks. Wanted to give it a beat without giving it a beat. Not sure if its what the previous loopers where looking for. I just hit record and zoned out. Its a "feeling song" more then a set "this goes here song".

Just love your guys work. Keep it up and thanks for letting me jam.



January 31 2016 16:29:15
Jaymny! I love what you have done here! So creative! You hit your goal- put in a beat without using a standard beat. In reality, you gave the song a heartbeat. I love these drums! It is a feeling song...and I feel it more strongly now. Beautiful. :) Thank you. :)

January 31 2016 11:22:02
Perfect Jay, super nice subtle presence

January 31 2016 08:17:33
like what Wade said ! it's seems like you already there the whole time! you flow and blend in so sweetly Jay!

January 31 2016 05:53:11
very cool - like your style in the beginning - fits it well - fantastic jam

January 31 2016 03:42:08
cody trippcody tripp
This is killer Jay

January 31 2016 03:30:19
Like you were always there from the beginning. Very creative and imaginative use of the tom toms in those flowing forms and the occasional accents form snare cymbals and the triangle. Big thumb.
+1 January 31 2016 04:19:51 Wade Jaymny
Thanks wade. You are definetly an inspiration on the loops. My inspiration. Your skills can take any song and make it magical. Glad your here. And I'm sure others feel the same way. Wish we could be neighbors. Cheers my man.
January 31 2016 10:35:10 Wade Wade
Watch out what you wish for. Others will attest to my getting around and suddenly appearing with sax in hand.

Glad I'm here too and we can all share this wonderful music. And inspire each other.


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