Deeper in The Abyss

step III
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Just took this wicked song a little deeper into the abyss :) Nice one Ricky :)


Pete I love this bass line...have been wanting to work on this one awhile. Hope you guys like the addition!+0
Can this jam get any more explosive? This is an amazing remix. I only wish I cranked my bass up a tad. Both of you guys are true guitar hero's to me :)+0
I tried to pull my guitar down in the mix but didn't get it down quite far enough. I might try to double the backing track and see if that gets a better overall result. Ricky SMOKES over this line that you put down. Awesome tune!!!+0
Really nice! :D+0
Very bluesy!! Nice job by all of you!+0
Awesome Danalyze !!

Your tone is perfect, your lead is amazing i really like it !

I was even feeling bad when my solo started in the mix for interrupting your's ! Haha !

Really nice !


Ricky I was just trying to put something that built up to yours cuz your parts were just plain wicked :)+0
Awesome guys.+0

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