Funky and Foxy

Remix step #3 (playing)
New Zealand


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Great funky track from Tof and Cody. Apologies for being a bit over the top and covering some fine licks...couldn't help myself. Way modified sopranino comes and goes throughout. Single take...that's inspiration!


April 26 2016 21:23:15
AcousticegAcousticeg Yeah!
+1 April 26 2016 21:33:27 AcousticegWade
Cheers Acousticeg.
March 24 2016 10:28:23
OliVBeeOliVBee cool :)
+1 March 24 2016 20:29:40 OliVBeeWade
Trying to do the funky thing. The gizmo helps!!!
February 13 2016 06:30:19
RobMRobM Oh Yeah !! This has definitely got the Funk Bug !! Great add Wade ! :)
+1 March 07 2016 20:16:17 RobMWade
Thanks Rob. Sorry it took so long for me to find your comment.
February 04 2016 23:32:00
fannefanne Funky alright!
+1 February 05 2016 20:46:29 fanneWade
Cheers John. These experiments are great fun for me.
February 04 2016 09:44:33
kennyadrykennyadry Almost miss this thing! Man I don't know what to say,..I am starting to imagine you blowing and stepping the pedal to and fro. You gotta be kidding me, SOUNDS FREAKIN AWESOME! YOU are a certified unorthodox sax player!
+1 February 04 2016 19:28:05 kennyadryWade
Thanks Kenny. Different has always been easy for me. Good is a bit more difficult...still working on it.
February 02 2016 17:34:57
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Wow!awesome:)
+1 February 03 2016 19:59:16 Lenny CowlerWade
Hey Lenny. Thanks for the listen. Was a fun track for me.
February 02 2016 15:37:11
titititi Ah ah ! Original sounds :) cool track !
+1 February 03 2016 19:58:49 titiWade
Not really an original sound. Guitarists been using them for years. Different for a sax though! Glad you like titi.
February 02 2016 08:14:44
PhénolPhénol Funky creazy. I like ;)
+1 February 03 2016 19:57:40 PhénolWade
Cheers Phenol. Get you hands on one of these boxes and give it a try with harmonica.
February 02 2016 08:10:26
frankyguitarfrankyguitar That's way cool Wade!! Great music here, much fun to listen!!
+1 February 03 2016 19:56:57 frankyguitarWade
Thanks Franky. Love this funk stuff as it gives you a chance to literally bop around and play.
February 02 2016 01:19:09
aleonzaleonz your sax sound a bit like guitar here Wade, this effect just fitted very well to this track, and it's a single track, you are so bloody cool!
+1 February 03 2016 19:55:58 aleonzWade
Thanks Alice. Love playing with these guitarist's boxes. Every once in a while you find an effect that fits. Such a strong modification that the sax tone is completely gone.

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