Merindu (Missing You)

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Found this lovely guitar track from Pete, trying to sing this one with my own language...hope you like it...

there is a little empty space in the middle

Thank you for listening
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Aleonz, Pete-Silence, Jazz


Beautiful singing, Alice. Singing in your natural language is the perfect choice - for me, I focus on the vocal harmonies and syllables and enjoy them for the wonderful sounds. It's wonderful, even though I don't understand the language. But I love Salsa music sung in Portuguese for the same reason - I enjoy the performance rather than having to understand the words.

Needless to say, I've playlisted it. I have so many of your adds on my list I don't know where to start! :) So wonderful to listen to you.
February 02 2016 12:47:18
aleonz Always easier to sing in my native language, and it always give a different feeling in a way i'm's really great to do it once in a while..

I always love to hear a singer with difference language...really love all latin & japanese stuff..somehow it helps me to learn other language too...but i should learn my english everyday...need to keep fixing my bad pronunciation and decrease my accent, really need for my work. Not an easy thing tho...but i believe by practising here everyday i will get there one day hehehehe

And ofcourse i would love to get your kick a$$ drums on this track Martin :)
Perfect !!+1
February 02 2016 12:47:48
aleonz Thank you Chris +0
February 02 2016 12:48:15
aleonz Wooooohhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa +0
Wooohooo! Such a fitting Voice on Pete´s awesome Guitar. Amazing Al! :)+1
February 02 2016 12:48:46
aleonz Thank you Adu, glad to see you stopped by +1
February 02 2016 13:30:41
adu My pleasure :) +0
Beautiful !!!+1
February 02 2016 12:49:12
aleonz Thank you Tom +1
I don't know what else to write to tell you that you're great!! :)+1
February 02 2016 12:50:11
aleonz Likewise Alby! Thank you so much +1
My favorite songs of yours are the ones you have done in your own language. They are all great, but it's a pretty language made even prettier with your beautiful voice. :)+1
February 02 2016 12:52:22
aleonz Thank you for your kind words Kelly, always great to sing in to do that once in a while, but also need to keep practising my english too :) thank you.. +0
February 02 2016 12:52:43
aleonz Thank you Axen +1
A lovely song... And a very professional job too !+1
February 02 2016 12:53:08
aleonz Thank you furlano ! +0
Agree with Kells - the tone when you sing in Bahasa is stunning. Perfect fit with Pete's beautiful guitar.+1
February 02 2016 12:53:48
aleonz Thank you Brian, its always fun to sing in my bahasa :) +1

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