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DannyK208 jams Supporter
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A contest entry I did from over at Indaba. The few free samples are from the Ethiopian pop band "Debo Band." Could use some guitar, horns, lead synth, etc. Key is C#m and anything pentatonic should work well.


March 01 2016 04:24:18

February 12 2016 17:06:24
such nice break. expected some alternate percs after that :V a lot of room for some more, great template
124 bpm? :D

+0 February 12 2016 17:10:59 SupJax DannyK
House is usually between 120-130 bpm. I had a vocal track that I already sped up so I couldn't hit 128 which is industry standard. On variation of beat - this is tribal so it's supposed to be repetitive. ;) Thanks!
February 12 2016 17:26:12 SupJax SupJax
hmm i'm thinking of a vocal splitup + switching to 5/4 3/4. no idea if that would solve any issue. and i dunno the contests conditions :D just a thought. i made a HouseTrack once by sampling random loops. 150 bpm. also a very neat sound at 60%speed, didn't know the usual range at 125bpm. thx for details :D
February 08 2016 15:50:03
+1 February 08 2016 20:27:53 Liesching DannyK
Thank you! :)
February 04 2016 03:14:24
Stupendous !!……...
+1 February 04 2016 04:04:47 nuno1959 DannyK
Thanks, Nuno!
February 04 2016 00:07:19
ah you're playin in indaba too? I was there a few years a go, now just personally work with some members from there...very cool vibe Danny, was learning of this kind of edm stuff lately, really cool structure
+1 February 04 2016 00:37:14 aleonz DannyK
Thanks, Alice. Yep, my first time doing anything over there even though I joined back in 2014. Lots of talented people there. I also did a couple tracks at Kompoz. Nothing beats wikiloops, though!
February 04 2016 00:47:44 aleonz aleonz
oh my, I first doin this online jamming & collaboration is at 2010, kompoz is one of my first landing place, still try doing something there once in a while, and other places including indaba, etc, end up working more in private sessions, then I found wikiloop a few months ago...and I'm stuck here LOL, couldn't agree more ,,,this place is heaven!
February 02 2016 23:01:20
Cool dannyk
+1 February 02 2016 23:56:13 GlezBass DannyK
Thank you, fellow bassist. :)
February 02 2016 21:16:09
groooves nice
+1 February 02 2016 23:56:00 Shi DannyK
Thanks, Shi.
February 02 2016 18:31:50
cool rhythm
+1 February 02 2016 23:55:50 TeeGee DannyK
Wanna' dance?
February 03 2016 12:20:51 TeeGee TeeGee
I am doing the Hora on it :D
February 03 2016 15:16:32 TeeGee DannyK
Mazel tov!
February 02 2016 16:55:36
Very Nice!
+0 February 02 2016 17:14:21 YoWild DannyK
Thanks! :)
February 02 2016 13:26:46
Very nice dannyk!:)
+1 February 02 2016 17:14:09 Mishteria DannyK
Thank you!

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