Son-Goku In The House Of Rock

Remix step #2

Drums & Sequencer:

Keiton1056 jams Supporter
Remix step #5 (playing)


frankyguitar500 jams Supporter
+ 9
Added two new short guitar parts, put Ron's upload in addition to my work, gave it overall more punch and try a fat mix. Hope it's not overload.....
Have me :-)


February 06 2016 18:03:50
:D I'm really happy you like it Kei!! Thanx so much :)

February 06 2016 16:18:05
Thank you for perfect work!! I like it so much. great franky :)

February 04 2016 03:35:30
Killer jam guys, absolute fun !!
+1 February 04 2016 05:06:21 nuno1959 frankyguitar
Hey Nuno, Thanx a lot my friend!! I'm glad you had fun! :)
February 03 2016 04:30:55
Dang amazing jam!
+1 February 03 2016 06:24:24 Girard frankyguitar
Thanx so much Girard!! Cool work from the guys!! I think we have a lot of fun with it! Play and listen:)
February 02 2016 18:23:29
Cool track Franky, good work!!
+1 February 02 2016 21:19:26 TeeGee frankyguitar
Thanx a lot TG!! Was much fun ! :) But without Kei and Ron, this jam would not exist! :)
February 02 2016 15:44:33
I need to bring better speakers or some good headphones to work. But what I can hear sounds great :)
+1 February 02 2016 15:46:39 Psycho mortheol
Hint...more room for Solo:D
February 02 2016 15:51:19 Psycho frankyguitar
Thank you very much Bruce!! :) I'm happy you like it, I had an off-day. :D
I think we have the same problem. Basses are very low and the higher tones are shrill and much too loud..... :(
February 02 2016 15:54:25 Psycho Psycho
Would love to try this, but it will be 8 hours before I get home :(
February 02 2016 16:01:14 Psycho frankyguitar
Poor Bruce!
I vote for your home time :@
February 02 2016 16:34:22 Psycho mortheol
Hey Bruce...ehhh just go home sick!!:)
February 02 2016 15:08:15
Frank…This ROCK’S!!!! I knew you would be back:P
The intro part is very cool with the drum add and your guitar part.:)
The add at 1:30..perfect fit. Good Mix!
Keiton’s template was a great start with that driving rhythm.
Still a lot of room for more soloing:D

+1 February 02 2016 15:45:48 mortheol frankyguitar
LOL, Du hast mich durchschaut :D
Es freut mich riesig das es Dir gefällt!! :)
Ja, ein sehr cooles Template mit dem super Rhythmus.
Geht sehr schön nach vorne!!
Du sagst es Ron, da ist noch Platz, für Dich :P
February 02 2016 16:29:58 mortheol mortheol
Hey Frank,
Heute nacht werde ich versuchen, die Waterhouse, mit viel digital Verzögerung!:P Hahahaha
February 02 2016 16:38:09 mortheol frankyguitar
LOL, the Electric Water hose :D Okay, I'm really exited :D
February 02 2016 13:55:51
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
great bro:)
+1 February 02 2016 14:35:09 Lenny Cowler frankyguitar
Thank you Lenny, I'm very pleased!! :)

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