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A beautiful tune from Pete-Silence, Alice and Marc here. Utterly beguiling.

But a confession first: I recorded and videoed it all and went upstairs to mix it. I then realised looking at the waveforms in Reaper I'd forgotten to switch on my mixing desk which powers my tom mics. So the toms are only what the overheads picked up. Doesn't sound too bad but I won't be making that mistake again.

Went for a sort of Latin-meets-Steve Gadd approach. It's quite busy ...
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Gadd drums track style is impressive, very good video and set its impressive drums with microphones, acoustic drums as nothing .... congratulations on the jam and video+1
awsome fine drums :) you still look like you :D+1
February 02 2016 21:08:00
mpointon Thanks, Oli! My hair hasn't grown back, that's for sure! the only difference I see is my posture which is being badly affected by my shoulder problem. +1
Way Cool video Martin! So cool to hear your drums again, it is awesome for the track again! :) :) :)+1
February 03 2016 00:07:43
mpointon Thanks, Marc. This track had a funny genesis for me. Your add appeared after I'd decided to work on the track. I was going to be more straight and gentle but your keys add inspired me to be more different and daring in my approach.

I then decided something a bit more latin-feeling was needed - something with a little syncopation. Then, weirdly, I realised that the '50 Ways To Leave Your Lover' drum line would actually fit. I decided that would be cheeky to use, much as I love playing it that pattern.

So this hybrid pattern came out of that which I worked on to try and keep under control. It sounds far more complicated than it actually is - it's just free-forming 16th around the drums, trying to use as much dynamic as possible! Thanks, Marc. :)
Enjoyed playing and video!+1
first i listen the wiki track, and i go to the video, and enjoying watching and listening to your play, and I love everything :) so great to have you Martin, and listen to your drums again today :) thank youuuu :)+1
February 03 2016 00:13:31
mpointon Thank you, Alice! I was worried I'd overdone it - I knew in my head what I wanted to play but it never works out that way!

I'm so pleased you like it. :)
This song evolves hour by hour ! Good idea, Mpointon ! And i love your hairdresser !!! :-D+1
February 03 2016 10:15:30
mpointon Cool! The hairdresser is me with help from Mr Remington's cutters! +1
AWESOME! Now your on fire man!+1
February 03 2016 03:49:30
kennyadry Great video! :D :D :D +1
February 03 2016 10:29:56
mpointon Thanks, Kenny. I always worry about doing a video. No idea if people like them and it really puts pressure on a clean performance - no editing! +0
Sweet drums line and nice vid!+1
Love the ghost face... lol. And this is seriously fine job Sir :)+1
February 03 2016 04:58:53
Psycho ...and yes, really enjoyed the video !! +1
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