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A beautiful tune from Pete-Silence, Alice and Marc here. Utterly beguiling.

But a confession first: I recorded and videoed it all and went upstairs to mix it. I then realised looking at the waveforms in Reaper I'd forgotten to switch on my mixing desk which powers my tom mics. So the toms are only what the overheads picked up. Doesn't sound too bad but I won't be making that mistake again.

Went for a sort of Latin-meets-Steve Gadd approach. It's quite busy but I hope it's gentle enough for the tune.I also videoed it for a bit of fun. Just a shame my digital camera is so awful.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it. I'm so sorry I missed Glez's upload - I was already mixed and uploading the YouTube video when I spotted he'd added. Feel free to tag it on, Glez!

No reverb on the HD drums.

Video is here:


February 09 2016 14:07:18
FunkystanFunkystan Hey Martin, great play again... I've watched the video... That's cool too, it gives me ideas ^^

February 04 2016 13:47:27
akethesnakerakethesnaker Great drumming!

February 03 2016 22:16:28
wikibebwikibeb cool super

February 03 2016 20:25:54
WadeWade So glad to hear this getting more plays. Such a fine drum track you've added. Perfect articulation.
+1 February 03 2016 22:00:29 Wadempointon
Thank you, Wade. I always appreciate your opinion :)
February 03 2016 14:07:58
pklieschpkliesch Cool fresh sounding drums, Martin!

February 03 2016 07:49:55
jmrukkersjmrukkers Very cool

February 03 2016 04:55:51
PsychoPsycho Love the ghost face... lol. And this is seriously fine job Sir :)
+1 February 03 2016 04:58:53 PsychoPsycho
...and yes, really enjoyed the video !!
February 03 2016 03:52:29
SlonMusicSlonMusic Sweet drums line and nice vid!

February 03 2016 03:49:06
kennyadrykennyadry AWESOME! Now your on fire man!
+1 February 03 2016 03:49:30 kennyadrykennyadry
Great video! :D :D :D
February 03 2016 10:29:56 kennyadrympointon
Thanks, Kenny. I always worry about doing a video. No idea if people like them and it really puts pressure on a clean performance - no editing!
February 03 2016 02:54:34
FurlanoFurlano This song evolves hour by hour ! Good idea, Mpointon ! And i love your hairdresser !!! :-D
+1 February 03 2016 10:15:30 Furlanompointon
Cool! The hairdresser is me with help from Mr Remington's cutters!
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