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Been stuck in a very bad bad traffic for hours, Need to play something to ease my head before I sleep...

make some beats, lay some tsinggg tsinggg to be the floor
and taaaa daaaa still not sure about the mix, but well..I have a big smile now :)

there is a wide open clean space in the middle ...
anything you have in mind...just shoot!

Bass, keys, guitar, sax, trumpet, tuba, castanet,finger snaps, clapping, whistle , smile? anything ...

Thank you so much ...
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Aleonz, chill Out


I can hear influences of the club here! Amazing how you handle all these different musicstyles!
You could sing in a Coverband and do it all :) :)

kidding.... Way Cool Alice! :)
February 03 2016 17:41:26
aleonz yeah, been learning to do this stuff these last few weeks, not really good on make that chord variation stuff , maybe some painting from you ...will give some colors to this track...maybe...maybe... :)

I owed a big thanks for all the years and top 40 band that i joined , especially those "crazy song request" part. Thanks a bunch Marc :)
February 03 2016 18:43:58
Marceys playing in coverbands is a great learningschool and bringing them cool is someting else too! I've enjoyed that also and still do!
Gonna see if this track is something for my skills, it's a bit out of my comfortzone... But sometimes that is a good thing :)
So.. who said traffic isn't a good thing ?
Will someone PLEASE start sending Alice regular traffic updates so she can find them jams & create new tunes for us !? ;)
February 03 2016 17:28:42
aleonz huahahahah nooooo, i always try to avoid that bad traffic, but yesterday I just can't get away, and it's more than 3 hours stuck on the road, i think i have to try to do yoga in a car next time LOL thank you Nuno! +1
Oh my.. So sexy and lovely feel, and yes, it's killer..
Smile already adding from me)
February 03 2016 17:18:36
aleonz Thank you very much Steve! thank you for the smile too.. +0
Each time I imagine, you are singing to me ! so, you have all my attention :)
modern Soul R&B dress you well too !!

Even the newsfeed is happy, your new track is tagged four times in the pop up !!!!
February 02 2016 23:43:45
aleonz hahaha I always put the adlibs at the end, and that spoken part is actually because I already run out an energy to sing, so i better talk LOL, thank you so much Tof...

where tags? which news feed?
February 03 2016 04:34:27
Tofzegrit News feed on wikiloops, new tracks from friends warning: I have the number "4" and it was only one new jam from you.;; +0
Nice and soft....fingers dancing on bass fretboard....+1
February 02 2016 23:44:42
aleonz Thank you Glez, still try to learn making a beat track to get a nice groove, well come on down join me with that MM! +1
This is superb, Alice. As Tof said, Soul and modern R&B fused. A 21st Century take on the best of the '70s soul and funk bands - some of my favourite music. Just superb!!+1
February 03 2016 17:06:34
aleonz just start to learn to make this beats stuff Martin, it's really hard to make that mid groove feel, what is the excellent bpm for that kind of chill out tune in your opinion? really need an expert suggestion here :) thank you Martin +0
oh now girl, you just melted every man here.
and that's a BIG puddle!
i adore your arrangement, mood, wall of tightly woven harmonies, and strong, strong, super powerful lead vocal. "PUDDLE CLEAN UP ON AISLE 5!" :) sounds like you burst free of that traffic and are now on the open highway to love. Super, Sistah!
February 03 2016 17:10:06
aleonz hahaha! it was early in the morning (4am) so I guess it's the right timing to make that kind of adlibs Anne LOL, thank you so much for such a great compliment Anne, you know how I adore you sistah! +1
another outstanding track from a super star+1
February 03 2016 17:10:47
aleonz Hah! hope to get there one day GT! thank you so much +0
February 03 2016 18:56:07
goldtop68 NA! to old, just do it for fun anyway +0
Yeah yeah !! Very very cool !!+1
February 03 2016 17:11:27
aleonz Thank you so much Chris! it was fun +0
It's a gem Big Al... maybe more traffic jams are needed? You do your best work after unpleasant ordeals :)+1
February 03 2016 17:14:39
aleonz Thank you so much Big Psy! hah! here the traffic jam in some particular day and time really bad in some areas, and I was just stuck like more than 3 hours, I did all of the silliest thing in the car like crazy +0
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