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Been stuck in a very bad bad traffic for hours, Need to play something to ease my head before I sleep...

make some beats, lay some tsinggg tsinggg to be the floor
and taaaa daaaa still not sure about the mix, but well..I have a big smile now :)

there is a wide open clean space in the middle ...
anything you have in mind...just shoot!

Bass, keys, guitar, sax, trumpet, tuba, castanet,finger snaps, clapping, whistle , smile? anything ...

Thank you so much ! Nite Nite!



May 05 2016 19:44:50
Fantastic work as usual aleonz. The perfect dynamic vocal work, with the cool well textured groove, is a real treat.
+1 May 07 2016 02:32:20 MP aleonz
Thank you so much MP, so glad to see you stopped by :)
February 07 2016 04:36:26
francisco alfrancisco al
muito legal bom trabalho

February 03 2016 23:59:51
Awesome!!!great Alice

February 03 2016 20:31:51
Glad that we are the beneficiaries of your traffic problems. OK, I guess anything can be a inspiration. Great funky sounds and that angelic voice!!!
+1 February 03 2016 22:53:01 Wade aleonz
after office hour always a very terrible traffic here, but i should agree with you that some unfortunate situation can give a very cool inspiration! thank you so much Wade
February 03 2016 20:08:47
Really great, thanks ^^
+1 February 03 2016 22:50:38 Funkystan aleonz
Hi Funkystan! thank you for stopping by!
February 03 2016 22:51:55 Funkystan Funkystan
I'm doing more than stopping by ^^
February 03 2016 22:53:53 Funkystan aleonz
ehehe i know ...and thank you for listening and thumbs and your notes :) thank you Funkystan :)
February 03 2016 15:53:09
I've already added a smile.
+1 February 03 2016 17:45:06 Zamzam aleonz
Thank you very much ZZ, still need so much to learn to be able to make those amazing cool track like yours tho :)
February 03 2016 14:06:09
Amazing, night owl! :)
+1 February 03 2016 17:43:23 pkliesch aleonz
Kooo kooo hahaha, Night time is the best moment for an owl indeed Pat! thank you :)
February 03 2016 13:38:26
Nice one Alice....reminds me of Cerrone....Sweet:)
+1 February 03 2016 17:42:01 TEE-KWA aleonz
Thank you very much Tee, will check her after this...
February 03 2016 12:59:26
So.. who said traffic isn't a good thing ?
Will someone PLEASE start sending Alice regular traffic updates so she can find them jams & create new tunes for us !? ;)

+3 February 03 2016 17:28:42 nuno1959 aleonz
huahahahah nooooo, i always try to avoid that bad traffic, but yesterday I just can't get away, and it's more than 3 hours stuck on the road, i think i have to try to do yoga in a car next time LOL thank you Nuno!
February 03 2016 12:52:08
I can hear influences of the club here! Amazing how you handle all these different musicstyles!
You could sing in a Coverband and do it all :) :)

kidding.... Way Cool Alice! :)

+3 February 03 2016 17:41:26 Marceys aleonz
yeah, been learning to do this stuff these last few weeks, not really good on make that chord variation stuff , maybe some painting from you ...will give some colors to this track...maybe...maybe... :)

I owed a big thanks for all the years and top 40 band that i joined , especially those "crazy song request" part. Thanks a bunch Marc :)
February 03 2016 18:43:58 Marceys Marceys
playing in coverbands is a great learningschool and bringing them cool is someting else too! I've enjoyed that also and still do!
Gonna see if this track is something for my skills, it's a bit out of my comfortzone... But sometimes that is a good thing :)

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