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Tried to build a track with some dynamics in it...

Some piano, clav and a pad...

Had fun with it! Hope you like it too!


Needless to say, I'm having dirty thoughts about an acoustic/electronic crossover. Might have to break open some TR-808 samples.+3
February 03 2016 23:45:09
Marceys Haha, that would be great Martin! Could be very cool indeed! :) +0
And straight to the top of the list it goes! Love the jazzy, laid-back - almost cocktail - intro before kicking off into to some classic '90s-style acid and dance piano. The clav lines help drive the funk credentials.

I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into this one - perfect test-run for my new kit too tomorrow :) :)
February 03 2016 23:38:04
Marceys That's great to hear Martin! Hope the bass-part wasn't to loud!
Looking forward to hear your new kit! Good luck on the setup and micing!
Hey Marc... Sounds good... And I've red what MArtin's just wrote... I'm gonna wait a while and keep a look at what comes with a good drums and bassline add ^^+2
February 03 2016 23:34:13
mpointon I should be adding tomorrow evening. Marc's templates always require a lot more thought into how I handle them. So many moods and structures - I can *never* jam a Marceys template, that's for sure! :) +1
February 03 2016 23:38:10
Funkystan I'm looking forward hearing what you're gonna record... I've also noticed that Marc's templates or tracks are very precises or accurate... ^^ +0
February 03 2016 23:38:58
Marceys Thanks man! Would be cool to hear you on it! :) +0
February 03 2016 23:45:48
Funkystan Great pleasure for me Marc... ^^ +0
very cool dynamic , smooth change, beautiful progression , this is wonderful Marc! the yellow part is really sweet+2
February 03 2016 23:44:17
Marceys Thanks Alice, i had some fun with this track! Too loud bass? +0
February 03 2016 23:48:13
aleonz you mean at the end of that long red part? it's a bit shakin up my headset but since I'm a bit "into the club" stuff, it gave a very cool feel +1
February 04 2016 00:11:15
Marceys Yeah, that part is tricky with the loud bass! +1
February 04 2016 11:33:32
aleonz It's sounds good to my ears Marc...will sit nicely and enjoying to see how this tree will grow from your root... +1
Really like the dynamics and change of pace. Quite long with lots of sections...good opportunities?+2
February 04 2016 11:56:26
Marceys Thanks Wade, and a bit long indeed! Maybe I should have done the first yellow part a bit shorter... but maybe it still works as it will be handeled as an intro with a cool guitar or sax line :) +1
Wonderful template here Marc! I love how you make different key changes without being unnatural, and those timings!!! Oh man! This should be challenging for drums but I'll be waiting!+2
February 04 2016 10:07:03
mpointon It will be! I'm listening to this round and round at work to figure it out.

The hardest part is going to be the transitions between the quiet and dance patterns as it switches from swing to straight feel. Looking forward to the challenge!
February 04 2016 12:06:20
Marceys Thanks kenny, i try to get some changes in a track and build it with intro/verse/chorus/bridge parts...

@Martin: Don't forget to do your daily work too! Have fun on the track, looking forward! :)
Gran tema Marc!!! Me gustan esos cambios donde le das otro toque a la canción!! Great!!!+1
February 03 2016 23:42:22
Marceys Gracias Amando! :) +1
OK for me OK to me !
Yellow've :)
February 04 2016 00:11:57
Marceys Cool! +0
Very good! :)
I really like the final yellow!!
February 04 2016 00:13:35
Marceys Thanks Alby! Cool that you like it! :) +1
Good one... I believe you succeeded in your goal :)+1
February 04 2016 11:54:40
Marceys Thanks Psycho, was good fun! :) +1

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