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Take 2 on this great track from the magnificent Tof. Another magic box experiment finding those interesting sounds and possibilities. Can compare with the sound in 61989.


March 01 2016 22:53:21
i love that wah wah sax of urs bro!!! amazing!!! :D:D:D
+1 March 05 2016 22:07:22 woXey Wade
Thanks WoXey. Still in a steep learning curve and can't quite remember which setting give what sound. Can waste a lot of time, but can also be fun.
March 01 2016 05:35:41
How on earth did i miss this !? Damn straight, like a boss Wade !
I LOVE the sounds of your sax here but hey.. i'm a confessed FX maniac ! ;)

+1 March 01 2016 22:05:17 nuno1959 Wade
Thanks Nuno. I'm still a bunny using these FX boxes. Not sure this is the most appropriate sound, but am sure a "regular" sax sound isn't.
March 01 2016 22:54:42 nuno1959 nuno1959
As super fun as FX are, they also are kind of a slippery slope !
In expense, aggravation, expense...
It can be a very frustrating path but when you hit The Motherload of an FX box, it's also VERY rewarding !
Think Robert Fripp, among so many others.. ;)
Check this out : [url=]cool music[/url]
March 07 2016 20:14:55 nuno1959 Wade
That's a pretty amazing string quintet. Wish I could have heard more of that gazillion string bass. For me it's just two boxes (so far). The one I use mostly has heaps of settings and parameters, but it takes ages to find a setting to use. Would be better to preset a few which you could stomp between.
March 07 2016 20:59:58 nuno1959 nuno1959
Re-Stomp between : my point EXACTLY !
Check your messages for a few links i send for some examples you could try to ''test drive'', GREAT sounds/tweaking capabilities, allow storing presets, etc..
March 08 2016 21:10:33 nuno1959 Wade
Got them. Thanks Nuno.
February 28 2016 11:13:40
:) :D
+1 February 29 2016 12:47:02 haddock Wade
Electric sax? Hey man I can do this live as well!
February 24 2016 08:43:34
super wild thing ;)
+1 February 29 2016 12:46:22 AKchen Wade
Thanks AKchen. Sorry about being so slow to reply. Very busy. Will hopefully slow down by next week.
February 17 2016 00:19:59
francisco alfrancisco al
eu não senti a presença do sax, ou está tão compacto que esta perfeito. bom trabalho

February 13 2016 06:28:54
This is Wild !! Love it ! :)
+1 February 29 2016 12:42:21 RobM Wade
He Rob. Long time!!...been here in Oz and too busy to even thank you. Back in NZ next week.
February 29 2016 23:02:09 RobM RobM
Mate, all good. I was off loops for a good 3wks myself due to work. Good to see you're ok :)
February 29 2016 23:23:32 RobM Wade
Well,I guess I won't find any of your treasures when searching back through to see what I missed. Will be back in FNQ in June. Any chance you'll be looking for time out in the tropics?
February 29 2016 23:36:08 RobM RobM
Mate, the way work is ramping up, I wont see the light of day until October at this rate :(
February 12 2016 16:48:13
Very creative, super play Wade!
+1 February 29 2016 12:41:33 jaz100 Wade
Thanks Jazz 100. Apologies for taking so long. Been busy.
February 11 2016 10:08:19
+1 February 11 2016 12:23:45 enr2s Wade
Not sue what mola means, but thanks for the listen.
No entiendo "mola", pero gracias por escuchar.
February 06 2016 14:09:10
Hi Wade Super track-super musician;):)
+1 February 10 2016 08:04:04 petebass Wade
Thanks petebass. All credit to Tof as the composer and inspiration.
February 05 2016 18:45:00
What fun this must be!
+1 February 05 2016 21:35:01 DannyK Wade
Thanks dannyk. Yes, I'm having fun finding what's possible. Have barely scratched the surface.

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