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Another gem from Marc, brimming with complexities and dynamic shifts. Time was sadly short this evening so I recorded it in three sections to save worrying having to get it all correct in one hit. The quiet opening, the main groove and second quiet section and then the rest. Unfortunately the joins aren't brilliant but they'll pass!

Anyway. NEW KIT! This is my first upload with my new kit I picked up. It's a Spaun kit made of maple (my Yahama is made of birch). Sizes are 22x18 kick, 12x8 and 16x14 toms. That kick is a monster!

Approach-wise I kept it gentle until it went to the 'dance' beats. Then I kinda went nuts. I hope you like it. I opted, in the end, for a dance/techno beat meets rock out busy beats. Bascially - I just couldn't stop hitting them hard and fast.

And yes, I bummed the very last fill with a stick collision! :(


No reverb on HD drums.


March 01 2016 11:06:05
LieschingLiesching Masterful!

February 07 2016 03:36:27
jjdfjjdf ;)

February 07 2016 03:01:21
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Super prof drumwork Martin !! Excellent changes :)

February 05 2016 20:27:04
WadeWade Super clean and sophisticated. The tone in the bass drum is almost too much (tune for each piece?). This track is the answer to the difference/need between canned drums and a real drummer.
+1 February 06 2016 13:22:39 Wadempointon
You're absolutely right. The problem was I wanted that booming kick for the up-beat sections but it didn't work in the quiet sections.

I should've recorded the quiet sections separately and chucked a pillow in the kick!
February 05 2016 08:24:06
kennyadrykennyadry Great sensitive add Martin! Laid back on the first verse, then great transition to disco!

February 05 2016 05:02:07
SlonMusicSlonMusic Wow, congrats man! Your new 'kitchen' sounds great Martin! Very cool
+1 February 05 2016 05:06:12 SlonMusicSlonMusic
February 05 2016 11:37:11 SlonMusicmpointon
Nice! Mine's just a two-tom setup but it sounds just as good. The only thing wrong with that video is it doesn't do the kick drum any justice!
February 05 2016 02:51:14
JeebsieJeebsie Drums fit like a glove and the kit does sound amazingly clean and clear:)

February 05 2016 02:34:36
FurlanoFurlano We all love your stick collisions ! Bye bye

February 05 2016 00:11:08
ivaxivax those changes so accurate, good job Martin, and great keys Marc

February 04 2016 21:55:35
MarceysMarceys Yeah Martin! That's great man! Big sound in the kick indeed, the reverb in the uptempo parts is way cool. It creates somekind of a danceclub ambience! Can already hear a bassline there!
Was affraid that the bassline would be to loud but it gives some kind of coolness now your drums are in it! The drumming on the bridge part is uppercool! Love it totally!
Glad you have a new kit in the house and that sounds real cool too, that means we are gonna hear you more often again! :) :)

+1 February 04 2016 22:05:55 Marceysmpointon
Thanks, Marc :) You know how to challenge me! You give me sections to let rip at but force me to calm down in others! Love it!

Thanks for the template, man. So cool to be back uploading and I should be doing it more often now. It'll take me a month to get through my backlog!

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