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This drum track by Shumdrummer is just INSANE,.The moment I heard this I thought, who can play to this extremely challenging thing, But in short I gave it a try...Hope I gave justice to this drumming here. Thanks a lot Shum!


I really like this. Way great, particularlly technically.

i am going to check out the stem, per convo below.
but I like the mix, it favors the guitar but that works. it is a limitation and a strength that people mix their own here. but there is a HD track if one were inclined to play more...
Somewhere along the way, I missed this one. Absolutely great Kenny!+0
funny. all bass players looking for fame and join you haha. and listeners don't care bout other jams in the tree. sux to see they get ignored for no reason. your add still ultimate, but i have to hate comunity again :D+1
May 11 2016 17:38:10
kennyadry Hi Supjax :) I respect your opinion but I beg to disagree. I believe most of the players here jam a track not to be popular but because they like to jam or to practice over it. If any players want to be popular they wouldn't want to do their music here, they might want to upload something to youtube or facebook to have a wide range of viewers. The reason I love loops is that there's no need for me to showcase something, it's all for the love of music. I remember the first time that I uploaded here, it took me 3 weeks before i did it, cos I was thinking of only jamming tracks here for myself without ever letting anyone hear it, I mainly do wikiloops for practicing and probably to be creative. +3
May 11 2016 18:39:14
SupJax jeez! thx for response lol :D
i had huge problems while getting into the loops thing. shared too many sessions and stuff. but it's weird to see deserved support for your poli guitar, and too less for others over here. i always try to jump through the session-tree and leave a few words, and there are still lots of adds which deserve more attention. poli session is not big :) and it's great to have such backup for shum drums. i just want people to hear alternate ideas and thoughts, and to participate the fun. not only on a single jam :) it's all about the feedback aye. we alrdy lost a couple awesome artists cause they got 'ignored'
May 11 2016 20:07:08
kennyadry That's to sad to know that they quit because of the feeling that they got ignored,..but I guess it really takes patience to wait for others to add,. I struggled with that too, but I guess we can't force someone to add to a track (but you can personally request them, just dont expect anything and let them decide its thing). As for players adding on my track, I am always thankful for that, but there are really times that some tracks of mine get ignored. I cant help but just wait wishing someone will get interested to it. +1
May 11 2016 20:13:29
SupJax haha, if you keep on like this & before, i am sure you won't be in the need of adders. and yes, it's quite hard to get a listener for special jams, if need bass/vocals/leads. anyway, once again, well done over here. great wide lead theme, sort of Rpg-journey, way overpowered eh? :D decibel? +0
May 12 2016 02:03:18
Wade Replying to SupJax: You used Mugicio's add as an example to me. After listening to this add I don't understand how your comment to Kenny is real. There is no way anyone could add bass or anything else to this track. It's been blasted by the guitar obliterating the drum track. How is anyone going to add to that? You'd need to completely remaster it (which you subsequently did yourself!). I find your argument completely hollow. If I was a bass payer it's obvious that you couldn't add to Mugicio's track as it is without dropping the volume considerably and totally loosing the drums. You have a point about most of us not listening to other adds...that's a reality that has to do with time...and in this case Mugicio's add is totally unsuitable anyway. +2
great man!+0
Well done kenny!! Your sound is reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, but melody is different. Both you are insanity!:)+1
March 01 2016 08:31:25
kennyadry Thanks a lot Kei! I like Jimi Hendrix :) +0
this is great+1
February 29 2016 22:14:48
johhny2gun holy just the rythym alone is crazy riffin nevermind the solo +1
March 01 2016 08:31:06
kennyadry Just heard your take! It was great :) +1
haha nice one :D+1
Dude! This is AMAZING!

I really don't have words that adequately explain how amazing this track is. Your playing is insane!

Beautiful melody, rhythms, KILLER riffs and badass shredding!

Wow dude. Wow! :-)
February 06 2016 06:04:10
kennyadry Dude! Thanks a lot for the feedback, Shum initiated the idea! +2
February 06 2016 16:26:13
Haffast I sound like a jerk when I say this, but I'm not so easily blown away these days with some of the crazy stuff i listen to, but this totally blew me away. Man, your talent is up there with the greats in my book. This was spectacular! :) +1
February 08 2016 04:30:06
kennyadry Thanks a lot man! +2
December 02 2016 15:43:03
SupJax it's alright Haffast, you're still welcome. jerk :D +3
Excellent! Love it!+1
February 06 2016 06:03:17
kennyadry Thank you Frankie! +0
If anybody could it's you. Perfect unison in the middle and good solutions to the pol-rhythmic nature of this.+1
February 06 2016 03:20:22
kennyadry Thank u Wade! Shum's drumming was really something that challenged me, but it was really not that easy, I heard this last december, so it's over 2 months of listening before I cud make something and a week for actual application, but ended up okay :) +2
May 11 2016 17:08:31
SupJax can't agree. checked out Pete/Mugicio? don't blame others. listen first +1
May 11 2016 22:28:05
Wade I would hope that your intentions were good in trying to get attention for others (and yourself as an add to Mugicio?). Not so great that you consider your opinion is more valid that others. The Mugicio track is rhythmically excellent, yet overpowers the drum to a point that the drum becomes invisible (something you also noticed in your remix, so not so great?). Very poor mix and concept from my point of view. More a domination than collaboration. All at max volume also says little for subtlety or the use of dynamics as a musical tool. If you're just a head-banger maybe that's all you want to hear (or do). For me Kenny's interpretation is miles better as it incorporates a melodic line, has form, direction, and most importantly dynamics. It's multi-dimensional and communicates to me. In a Wikiloops context it also doesn't dominate the drum track, it enhances it. Before making comments maybe you should have a few more musical facts in mind rather than promotion of others (or yourself)? +1
May 12 2016 00:33:37
SupJax so Mugicio's add doesn't deserve a review? i have no idea what people think about, cause it looks like they only listen to Kenny's add

it sounds like you try to say, Kenny is the only one who can handle shum's poli drums. that's what i can't agree with. i don't like to call adds better/worse. no matter if you do so, i just had to ask if you listened to the other jams over here
need better english skills to explain myself, but be sure i try to support others, and to get more attention for them. i know my own stuff + ambitions, and those who get an addition from me too, so i'm good, thx for asking :)
May 12 2016 01:24:09
Wade You are right. There is a language problem here. I didn't say to Kenny "you are the only one who could play this". I said (in other words) that Kenny is talented enough to do it. I was not saying that anyone else here..or anywhere couldn't also do this.

Time is a real factor in life...it's not fair and life isn't fair...that's reality. I haven't got time to listen to every add and after listening to Mugicio's can say that his style and approach for this piece was not to my taste. Would you or he like me to give him a review that says I don't like his approach or style? I follow and listen to musicians who's music I like and resonate with. This doesn't mean that others aren't good at what they do...I just don't want to listen to that type/style of music. My right, yes? YES!

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