Happy Time Blues

Remix step #6 (playing)
United States


Psycho716 jams Supporter
+ 19
Seems to be blue Loop day, so I jumped aboard this one which Balfo began a lead on and left a nice hole for others. I apologize for being a track hog on this but I couldn't stop =)

1:04 - 3:29

I see the original track is an oldie but it sure is a goodie !

Thanks, it was pleasure to play along with such a fine group...


February 06 2016 15:02:37
getting blues on for sure
+1 February 06 2016 17:12:29 axenvocs Psycho
thanks axen... love the blues, and have been working on getting it right with three fingers, one more than Django Reinhardt had :)
February 06 2016 14:34:59
Really great! You give an incredible energy to this track with your play Bruce:)
+1 February 06 2016 17:09:19 titi Psycho
Thank you titi... things just worked out well and I do best with this style of blues :)
February 06 2016 07:50:17
Cool add Psycho
+1 February 06 2016 17:07:40 jmrukkers Psycho
Thank you jm... had more fun that I deserve tackling this one... lol :)
February 06 2016 06:34:55
Super playing...so good!
+2 February 06 2016 17:06:29 mortheol Psycho
Thank you Mort... last night things were coming too easy. It happens once in a while :)
February 06 2016 05:42:53
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 February 06 2016 17:05:16 Lenny Cowler Psycho
Thanks very much bro !!
February 06 2016 00:57:52
Right on Psy !!!
+1 February 06 2016 17:04:58 WHITEPONGO Psycho
Thank you WP... it did come out ok... must have been a moon phase thing or something? :)
February 05 2016 23:57:06
Blues never dies! Way cool Psycho!
+1 February 06 2016 17:03:25 Marceys Psycho
Thanks Marc, one great track by you guys... excellent key work on this blues jam. You should do more like this :)
February 06 2016 18:32:42 Marceys Marceys
I'm not really a bluesplayer but every now and than i get attracted to these kind of tracks! :)
February 05 2016 23:53:47
Sounds fantastic, that Les Paul really sings, nice job buddy
+1 February 06 2016 17:01:45 Rockzilla Psycho
Thanks Rock... trusty LP is all I use, and always have :)
February 05 2016 23:46:01
wow, great flow ;)
+1 February 06 2016 17:00:48 AKchen Psycho
Thank so much AK :)
February 05 2016 23:37:56
Great inspiration!!! You got it bruce tonight great bluesy and edgy the pure psycho sound :)
You chose a nice line up to play with, fancy sh#t ;)

+1 February 05 2016 23:41:56 frenzie Psycho
Thank you frenz... I came home today in that "ready to jam mood" and this one worked just great for what I was in the mood for :) Some days I'll play when I should probably be doing something else... I think that's called addiction.... lol.
February 05 2016 23:44:39 frenzie frenzie
Sounds like a guitarplayer to me haha :D
February 05 2016 23:54:16 frenzie frenzie
Guitarplaying makes other stuff look boring to me sometimes...you know?

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