Recollection (3rd guitar)

Remix step #4 (playing)
United States

acoustic Guitar:

FrankieJ153 jams Supporter
+ 9
I liked this track from Marc the first time I heard it, as is the case with everything he creates.
Then two guitarists I admire added to it so I just had to participate.
Thanks Marc, Steve and Tof.

Acoustic guitar added around 03:47


June 15 2016 05:56:41
AcousticegAcousticeg Well done. Very nice acoustic sound.

February 09 2016 20:29:26
ScrumpyjoeScrumpyjoe Great feel from you all on this one but your add was outstanding Frankiej.
+1 February 09 2016 21:28:36 ScrumpyjoeFrankieJ
Thank you Scrumpyjoe.
February 08 2016 04:09:30
kennyadrykennyadry Just so beautiful acoustic playing Frankie.
+1 February 09 2016 00:04:35 kennyadryFrankieJ
Thank you Kenny.
February 07 2016 15:22:29
SlonMusicSlonMusic Frankie. Very smart, emotional, soulful notes you added here man! It was so interesting to listen to. i was listened your part twice in a row and want to listen it again after some time)
+1 February 08 2016 00:57:13 SlonMusicFrankieJ
Thank you Steve.
This track is probably, if not the most, emotional track I've had the pleasure of being part of on wikiloops.
Thanks to you guys.
February 07 2016 13:30:33
AdamDownLoAdamDownLo Cool parts! Well done.
+1 February 08 2016 00:59:18 AdamDownLoFrankieJ
Thank you Adam.
February 07 2016 12:55:44
jjdfjjdf very nice Frank!!! ;)
+1 February 08 2016 01:00:00 jjdfFrankieJ
Thank you jj.
February 07 2016 10:19:54
titititi Magnificent play and excellent choice of the acoustic guitar.
+1 February 08 2016 01:01:47 titiFrankieJ
Thank you titi.
February 07 2016 09:51:19
LieschingLiesching Fantastic, Frankie!! So tasteful and soft! Love it!
+1 February 08 2016 01:08:42 LieschingFrankieJ
Thank you Marc.
As usual, your music has a profound affect on me. :)
February 07 2016 07:37:16
TofzegritTofzegrit Frankie!!!!
What a nice gift from you and acoustic choice is so appropriate to this heaven's track and just fits with a decrescendo intensity
Well done

+1 February 08 2016 01:32:14 TofzegritFrankieJ
Thank you Tof.
I am not ashamed to confess I became emotionally overwhelmed with this track.
Cried like a child throughout.
Made possible by everyone involved in this instance.
Such a beautiful track filled with emotion.
February 08 2016 04:10:53 Tofzegritkennyadry
That shoul happen sometimes,..and when it does, track like this benefits us all.
February 08 2016 05:56:04 TofzegritTofzegrit
I know what you're talking about. Loops could affect emotional and... That so good inside. Wikitears🎶

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