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What a cool track from Kenny. I originally wasn't going to add as Shumdrummer's excellent add was already on here and I felt there wasn't a lot I could do different but Kenny suggested I should try anyway. So I did.

This is my second attempt at recording it. I tried yesterday but it just wasn't happening for me so I left it. Tried again this evening and got it down fairly quick ...
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Martin Pointon


Over AWESOME, Martin!!+0
I'm an idiot. New mix uploaded. PLEASE USE #64067 INSTEAD OF THIS MIX.+0
Oh yeah!! Very technical playing here Martin! You brought a solid foundation for other adds particularly bass an easier add! Very sensitive take on the long break, and lovely transition towards the end!

Glad you didn't stopped yourself from adding Martin!!
February 08 2016 01:49:27
mpointon Thank you, Kenny. This template is simply wonderful. So much scope for energy and flow - a musical juggernaut with so much motion to it.

In truth, I didn't need much persuasion - I couldn't resist. But Shum beat me to it with his precise and excellently sympathetic approach so I didn't really have an idea at the time how to go about it. So I went at it with guns blazing instead - trying to keep up with the massive potential energy of the track.

The main riff drum pattern, despite being quite technical, just seemed to really work for me; it's hard for me to sustain such kick lines because I'm left-handed and footed but I play drums 'right-handed'. This is why it was important I had the track down within a couple of takes or my right foot sulks!

And the arrangement wasn't easy - see my replies to Psycho! You like to keep us on our toes, Kenny!! :) Thank you for a fantastic template, sir!
February 08 2016 02:00:27
kennyadry I saw it! And I got to apologize for not giving markers, I just got lazy.
I really appreciate the consistency of the main riff! Though I dont have much knowhow about drumming I believe you mastery provided a technical work! Thank you for your passion :D
February 08 2016 02:11:21
mpointon No apology required! I rarely have enough time to learn the track, so I listen to it through, dropping markers where I feel I hear changes or phrasing opportunities to guide me when I record.

Without them it would just be an all-out jam. For many tracks jamming is fine and welcome and I don't need mark stuff out but others, like this, require more investment of time to do it 'right'. I still totally jam it - I just have a guide!

Getting the feel right is far more important to me but I also like to sympathetically follow the music where possible.
Fantastic sound and perfect drumming!+1
Fantastic add Martin, kudos !!
Superb playing, always so inspired.. ;)
February 08 2016 00:57:51
mpointon Thank you, Nuno! Too kind, as always! :) +1
February 08 2016 01:20:23
nuno1959 Eh, eh… nope, not kindness ! It's the truth !! ;) +1
Kudos Martin... you probably did the right thing by waiting... happens to us all. By waiting you came up with a great track for this complicated work. You operate like a pro should :)+1
February 07 2016 22:32:34
mpointon Thanks, man. Too kind! The main groove was easy but yesterday I just couldn't get the many transitions between the riff changes to sit 'right' which was why I had to leave it. +2
February 07 2016 22:34:16
mpointon This is what it looked like in Reaper. I don't think I've recorded a track with *so* many markers:

February 07 2016 22:38:27
Psycho That's a lot of markers... and hearing this again... it's so good !! +1
February 07 2016 22:40:50
mpointon Normally I rely on the waveform for many visual clues but this one was really hard to 'see' the riff changes and the fact the time between changes weren't the same length each time meant I had to mark it all out! +3
Very good drums!+1
Liking the drums!+1
Yeah man! Great drumtrack again! Love your sound and :) :)+1
Yes! Busy right foot 🎶 crazy track.
Well done Martin

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