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try and try again, is my fate, I went back this song from a year ago, I hope you like it... Psych thank you for giving me the opportunity.. Track HD only guitars


Very cool track!+1
February 08 2016 21:54:56
ivax Thanks my friend +0
Excellent job man... it appears you have some tracks you weren't happy with when you made them. Good thing you held on... :)+1
February 08 2016 22:08:32
ivax Thanks Psych, the truth is that I am never fully satisfied, I'm always looking for the mistakes that I made to rectify them, and I can assure you that it is difficult to remove customs, I think that music is a constant search, never-ending learning and learn new things, I am very critical with myself... not is if will be well translated what I mean +1
April 04 2016 00:33:57
Psycho I don't think any musician is fully satisfied... even if they create a hit. There is always something they think could have been better. Many times you will hear it in live shows :) +1
this is well done - love the tone and playing+1
February 08 2016 22:10:17
ivax Thank you Bhunt +0
Wonderful guitar playing Xavi! Just the right thing for this , awesome riffing!+1
February 08 2016 22:11:50
ivax hey,Kenny thanks my friend +0
Xavi! Fantastic playing and a great song. I'm hearing some great Andy Summers lines in there. Your use of stereo is brilliant too. Love this add!+1
February 08 2016 22:16:52
ivax Thanks Martin, an honor recall to Andy, Andy was a perfectionist in this guitar, rhythms and solos delicious, I think I went and I am a great admirer of Andy +0
you are a great team :)+1
February 08 2016 22:17:30
ivax Thank you my dear Akch +0
excellent play bro:)+1
February 08 2016 22:18:04
Lenny Cowler
ivax Thank you Lenny,very grateful +0
Super Mix. Sounds really big. Great playing buddy :)+1
February 08 2016 22:18:34
ivax hey Adu,very grateful +0
Excellent and WOW Xavi!!
Great playing, great idea, love the different tones !!! :)
February 08 2016 22:19:51
ivax Hi Franky,thanks my friend,Thank you for your support, always +1
Very good! ;)+1
February 08 2016 22:20:12
ivax Thank you YoWild +1

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