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So I pulled my drums out of "moth balls" this weekend and got them going. This is my first attempt at ever recording drums so they are not perfect and the balance is not right.
I had far too many things going at once trying to watch my tracking and the gain on the VU a little loud and quite in spots. It is one take played thru with no corrections.

It's been a while since I have sat behind my go easy on me...BUT it is all me and no machine.

Now it is late and I dont think the wife will let me bang much more on them tonight ----:)


February 09 2016 20:30:58
MugicioMugicio Awesome track man!!
+0 February 10 2016 01:26:33 Mugiciomortheol
Gracias Mugicio:)
February 09 2016 19:28:07
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect:)
+0 February 09 2016 20:07:28 Lenny Cowlermortheol
Thanks Lenny, I appreciate that coming from a "Real Drummer":D
February 09 2016 09:00:55
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Super! No, I think that's great, after a time not playing, really !! I have no idea how to Play drums and you are you own complete band!! Awesome buddy :) Da kann ich nur neidisch zuhören, und das macht Spaß:) :)
+1 February 09 2016 18:33:27 frankyguitarmortheol
Vielen Dank! Yep...I am part of a 3 man band...Me, Myself, and I.:P At least we all get along.
February 09 2016 04:04:45
RockzillaRockzilla Good job mortheol, pretty darn good for not sitting behind them in a long time , Keep on rockin' :)
+1 February 09 2016 04:17:05 Rockzillamortheol
Hey Thanks a bunch RockZ!!! I am so rusty on the drums I was almost afraid to post, so many real drummers on here...but it was so cool getting behind them again. I will get an oil can and loosen up my joints next time...:)
February 09 2016 04:18:34 Rockzillamortheol
Oh yeah....I forgot "COOL" bass run brother:D
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