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I usually spend most my time on wikiloops searching for great tracks that inspire me to sing. I have been struggling with my voice lately so decided to pick up my guitar. I am definitely not the best guitarist in the world (by a long shot) but had a lot of fun creating this jam. Jump in! there is a lot of room.


February 16 2016 23:37:49
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal bom trabalho

February 15 2016 01:16:52
schwaglrschwaglr Solid rock riff. Love it!

February 11 2016 05:53:29
texassontexasson Cool riff Johnnie !
+1 February 12 2016 02:42:48 texassonJohnnievocal
Thanks Tex. :)
February 11 2016 01:31:40
akethesnakerakethesnaker Hey! Great playing Johnnie! Have a little bit Sabbath over it. I was doing something simular but haven`t posted it:) Not yet:D
+1 February 12 2016 02:40:25 akethesnakerJohnnievocal
Thanks Ake, trying out different tones. Gibson Les Paul w/ ratt distortion directly into daw with delay and eq effects. I am fairly new to recording guitar, so I am still learning by trial and error. Looking forward to your track. I will watch for it.
February 10 2016 23:17:00
bhunt1bhunt1 totally rocks
+1 February 12 2016 02:44:24 bhunt1Johnnievocal
Thanks bhunt1. :)
February 10 2016 21:09:06
ShiShi woooo Johnniev rocks !:) nice guitar there J :)
+1 February 10 2016 23:24:47 ShiJohnnievocal
Thanks Shi.. you rock girl!
February 10 2016 09:41:08
MishteriaMishteria Very good Johnnie!!
+1 February 10 2016 23:27:52 MishteriaJohnnievocal
Thanks Mish... This jam needs some rocking raspy Mishteria vocals :)
February 10 2016 05:07:55
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super:)

February 10 2016 04:28:59
SlonMusicSlonMusic Wow! It's a very cool rock guitar John, great template!
+1 February 10 2016 04:55:35 SlonMusicJohnnievocal
Thanks Steve 😀

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