sweetie pie....sour guitars

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i came i listened ...i couldn't resist...wacked two guitars down, fx in place, tried to balance my playing so as to get between slon's two guitars, (picking up on some of his motifs) and right on his bass..no remix applied. its as realtime as i could make it :)!
i know it gets messy working this way...but i love the immediacy of it...as close to jamming as possible


February 11 2016 18:20:44
MarceysMarceys That's great kimbo! Your sound and flow is very cool! Love it man! :)
+0 February 12 2016 18:54:50 Marceyskimbo
Thanks mate....hope I didn't tread on you keys too much.
February 12 2016 20:32:50 MarceysMarceys
Not at all kimbo! As i said, love it! :)
February 11 2016 05:15:08
SlonMusicSlonMusic Great guitars Kimbo!
+0 February 11 2016 08:04:29 SlonMusickimbo
Thanks Steve, hope I didn't tread on yours too much.
February 11 2016 02:07:22
nuno1959nuno1959 Super cool funk jam, oh yeah.. ;)

February 11 2016 01:14:06
dmorellidmorelli sounds good. would love to add, but it's sounds good where it is. love the jam band feel.

February 11 2016 01:05:59
PsychoPsycho Well done Kimbo... the mix sounds great the way you applied it !!
+0 February 11 2016 08:02:17 Psychokimbo
Thanks mate...but no mixing....just played
February 11 2016 00:39:06
TofzegritTofzegrit I know someone who had opened the door here :)
Well done and almost rock :)

+0 February 11 2016 00:42:33 Tofzegritkimbo
February 11 2016 00:46:35 TofzegritTofzegrit
Just a joke about my own remixes few days ago ! that's a way to re activate some "old" tracks and that's cool
February 11 2016 00:14:47
ZamzamZamzam Oh Yes!
+0 February 11 2016 00:25:08 Zamzamkimbo
glad you can still like it ...as an engineer it must drive you nuts hearing all the mistakes left in!
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