J and J in Irish Zepland

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I shouldn’t have upload this,there goes my reputation…the song sounds completely out of tune.
But on the other hand it may give you guy’s some good advice: Don’t buy an instrument you haven’t played!!
I bought this Irish bouzouki at Thomann, brand name Thomann!? So it must be made in some East-European country.
The sound is more then O.K. but it came with the strings flat against the neck, so I had to make rod adjustments before I could play a single ...
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Irish Zep


francisco al
legal fanne. bom trabalho+0
Love the feel in this and sympathize with purchasing instruments without playing first. This end of the world I never get a chance to play first unless a very expensive new instrument. Can still cost well over $1000 for most saxes and not a lot one can do if the intonation is crap.+1
Fantastic! Your guitar has this bombastic clear sound of Leo Kottke.+1
Lenny Cowler
Wow!!!Great track:)+1
February 12 2016 20:28:50
Lenny Cowler
fanne Thanks Lenny! sorry for the drums but John insisted to play the track...and he is dead so I couldn't refuse:) +1
It's not the tune. I think it's the Gravity wave, they found today in the U.S. :)
Great track, John. And cool cheering crowd! :)
February 12 2016 20:26:05
fanne Could be Pat:)the strings aren't 4 km long but,but.....well...it could be..:) +1
So well played John, love it!+1
February 12 2016 20:24:02
fanne Thanks Balfo! I just started to learn the instrument what wasn't that easy for it has again another tuning then all my other instruments ee-aa-dd-Gg....but I get the hang of it and like to play it! +1
nice and fun to mix sources and ideas :) i can hear the faulty tuning as soon as you go down the neck ... bet you still had fun recording this ;) keep us updated !+1
February 12 2016 20:19:28
fanne It all started out as an learning process to get the instrument recorded and I guess the main reason why I put this thing in a life situation was my annoyance for the tuning, hoping it would sort of camouflage the problem and indeed it became fun to do and the annoyance became less disturbing I can even listen to it now without hitting the stop knob :) +0
Are you swapping between Dm and D as well as being slightly out of tune? I'll have a bash at the backing or bohdrain if you like.+1
February 12 2016 20:06:46
fanne Indeed Joe,intro is in D and the theme in Dm,middelpart again in Dm, all tuned a few cents higher the 440 for an A(lost track of the right pitch with all this problems to get the thing in tune.Any add is more then welcome Joe! +0
Super! The tuning isn`t so bad, Love it!:)+1
February 12 2016 19:54:17
fanne Thanks Ake! +0
I've always been told I have a very good ear for folk music, as I can't tell if something is in tune or not. This sounds great to me!+1
February 11 2016 18:08:50
fanne thanks WanHu,maybe it's my bad ear :) +0
February 11 2016 22:25:41
WanHu "Good enough for folk" was the battle cry of guys who couldn't get their guitars in tune. Life is too short to be pernickity. +1

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