Onda Boa (Good Wave)

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This is an old composition. I left some space for others musicians. I would like to hear drums, bass and whatever you want to!!! Jam at will


March 03 2016 22:57:49
Sounds great!
+1 March 04 2016 17:08:26 Ernie440 Marcelo D
Thanks Pudsy :)
February 27 2016 05:36:03
Wow this song is lovely and a good reason to stand up, start my DAW and experiment with it. I wonder where this will lead.

February 24 2016 05:23:52
ótimo som!
+1 February 24 2016 14:51:47 k9 Marcelo D
Valeu K9. Obrigado. :)
February 24 2016 04:02:40
I like this contrast between the serious regular pulse on left hand and the freedom on the right one and they finish together.

+1 February 24 2016 14:50:50 Tofzegrit Marcelo D
Thanks Tof. Im glad you liked it. This song is from the year of 2011. I have a lot of compositions. I need to find time to record and upload them. And you know that when we work on our songs we don t have time to jam with the other guys. So it s not easy to choose...
February 17 2016 02:15:57
francisco alfrancisco al
trabalho legal
+1 February 17 2016 12:27:55 francisco al Marcelo D
Vlw Francisco!!! Obrigado!
February 15 2016 04:08:29
Just got a change to check on you, and found this pretty playful Brazilian taste ...what a lovely song Peixe!
+1 February 15 2016 04:36:28 aleonz Marcelo D
Yes. This one is very Brazilian. I grew up listening to Tom Jobim and other mpb & bossa players / composers. This song is about happiness in a sunshine day. Glad you liked it!
February 15 2016 05:24:57 aleonz aleonz
I'm one big fan of bossa/samba/tango/ etc almost all kind of latin music. Tom Jobim, João Gilberto, Astrud, Sten Getz, etc..gosh they're brought music from heaven to my ears...there is too many song with so much beauty born from them...i could talk for days about it hehehehehe ...but anyway somehow i know this song is something about happiness...you picturing beautifully through your song :)
February 15 2016 11:14:30 aleonz Marcelo D
:) :) :)
February 14 2016 18:01:14
cool template :)
+1 February 15 2016 03:35:41 OliVBee Marcelo D
Thanks Oliv :)
February 14 2016 07:33:12
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
+1 February 14 2016 13:23:30 Lenny Cowler Marcelo D
Thanks Lenny. It was a nice playing but it clipped sometimes... I left this on track because I didn t want to loose the track. I really like this music. 😀😃😄
February 13 2016 21:58:33
Nice chords. I hears Brazil in your play :)
+1 February 13 2016 22:00:36 titi Marcelo D
Yes. Its like a sunshine day near Ipanema beach! In those few days with good surf there.
February 13 2016 22:04:07 titi titi
Your country is incredible, and I shall wish to come for a long time.
I would want to see Nordeste :)
February 13 2016 22:48:16 titi Marcelo D
Nordeste has the most beautiful beaches lots of coconuts and warm water. Its sunny almost all the year long. Are you from france? I have never been to europe...
February 14 2016 09:04:56 titi titi
Yes I know, I would want to see the province of Fortalerza also. Do not ask me why, I do not know...ahah
Yes I am French. France is a small country, but it is also the most visited by the world.
February 14 2016 13:32:30 titi Marcelo D
Fortaleza is great. A must visit place. If you go there don't forget to go to Porto de Galinhas in Maceió province that is a little bit south. You will love it!
February 13 2016 21:55:44
Composition full of sun :) Great playin' style !!
+1 February 13 2016 22:01:42 GuitarPlyr Marcelo D
Exactly what I wanted to transmit. Its about a sunshine summer day in Rio.

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