Long Is The Night And Lonely

Remix step #2


Shi342 jams Supporter
Remix step #4 (playing)


frankyguitar446 jams Supporter
+ 8
Such a beautiful blues from pk, Shi and Adu, so I could not resist and added some little craziness ... Thanx friends for this lovely piece of music!!

At start some little slides, some chords- trying doubled- for pan, some little solo, and try again some chords ....
Oh, not forget! Thank you Pat for the chord information, so it was easy for a beginner to play along !! :D


February 15 2016 20:59:42
ShiShi a cool surprise to hear you on this one franky :) and a little craziness is not a bad thing ;)
+1 February 15 2016 21:10:20 Shifrankyguitar
Fine, it's my pleasure to surprises you. Thank you very much Shi, I'm pleased you like this baby craziness! :)
February 15 2016 08:04:47
GirardGirard Yo Ho HO nice!
+1 February 15 2016 08:51:11 Girardfrankyguitar
Thank you very much friend, had a lot of fun with it! :)
February 15 2016 01:27:19
PsychoPsycho I leave for too long and can't keep up here, but I did find this... good job franky :)
+1 February 15 2016 04:59:32 Psychofrankyguitar
Thank you Bruce, was very much fun!! And you are right, playing with singer is really great! Hope I See you soon:)
February 14 2016 21:00:42
AKchenAKchen klasse, das kommt genau richtig :) wow !!!
+1 February 14 2016 22:33:54 AKchenfrankyguitar
Dankeschön!! Hat auch für richtig gute Laune bei mir gesorgt!! :) :)
February 14 2016 18:38:39
pklieschpkliesch Sehr coole Addition, Franky! :)
+1 February 14 2016 18:46:57 pklieschfrankyguitar
THANK YOU Patrick ! ! :) Spend this afternoon for it and it was awesome fun. Try a bit this and that and slow came out where the trip goes on... I like this one really :D
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