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A fantastic track from Hingstler, brimming with groove and retrol cool, which I was going to record to anyway. Then Marc added his inimitable keys and I had no choice! :)

Not had much time to record this weekend so I only had an hour this evening to get it done. Lenny's splendid upload turned up and took away one of my approaches so I went back to basics and went for full-on grooving - with a few esoteric fusion backbeat moments chucked in. Because I was short on time, it's mostly jammed as I knew the sections but didn't really have time to rehearse them so it's a bit seat-of-the-pants.

Using my Spaun kit and my Premier XPK snare.

I also did another video as a few people requested more of them. Used my iPhone this time as its camera is less rubbish!

Video is here:


No reverb on the HD drums.


February 21 2016 09:55:30
WoodstockWoodstock perfect, good teamwork by all, love it!

February 17 2016 00:38:49
goldtop68goldtop68 super job by all three of you. visions of an 80's cop movie soundtrack, I mean that in a good way!

February 16 2016 14:09:09
FunkystanFunkystan How come I've missed this one!
This is rythmically talking a very very technical groove... Smells like a good retro funky sauce... Thank you guys ^^

February 15 2016 19:46:35
wikibebwikibeb super groove

February 15 2016 14:16:19
hingstlerhingstler Oh God Martin, what will it sound like if you have more than one hour??? :-o
This is absolutely awesome! :-) The vid on YouTube is even better! GREAT! (...i always wondered what books are good for...never thought of sound-damping though...) ;-)

February 15 2016 14:12:11
anonyanony great drum and keys

February 15 2016 13:34:14
CarpenterCarpenter tasty drumming; cool vid :)

February 15 2016 13:08:49
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Great groove and play :) golden thumb !!

February 15 2016 07:30:02
kennyadrykennyadry What a great funky you guys have put up!! Great for my morning! Will watch the video after work!

February 15 2016 07:13:49
JeebsieJeebsie You and Hingstler make a killer rhythm section!
+2 February 15 2016 12:26:24 Jeebsiempointon
Thank you, Jeebsie! :) I love Hingstler's bass adds!
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