You Treat Me So Bad

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OK... Just follow my feeling :)
The famous Monday(s) of mine

Lyrics are from Alice (aleonz) from her original track #54215
"Why Should I love you"
A dedication to her


February 22 2016 18:58:49
hingstlerhingstler Cool! You are a real French Funkateer! ;-)

February 16 2016 12:35:27
mpointonmpointon No idea why I overlooked this on my feed! Top work, Tof and nice of you to dedicate it to Alice! Please don't start learning the drums or we'll all be out of a job! :)
+1 February 16 2016 12:47:16 mpointonTofzegrit
Do only guitar could drive to do something else sometimes !! :)
Merci Martin and it's because of your upload :)
February 16 2016 05:55:33
kennyadrykennyadry WHAT THE!!!!! OHHHH MY GOODNESS!!!
+1 February 16 2016 07:27:00 kennyadryTofzegrit
Don't be frightened Kenny :)
February 15 2016 22:39:24
ivaxivax Hey Tofz, magnify super job full of guitar and vocals, friend Bravo

February 15 2016 21:09:15
aleonzaleonz who the hell is that "heartbreaker girl" who treat you so bad brother?? muahahaahahah

almost forget about this lyrics, but i always leave one specific signature of mine on every lyrics that i wrote, so i recognize the line right away.

oh my, what did i do a bad thing to be dedicated with this song? *kidding*

thank you for using my lyrics , somehow it's funny to hear my lyrics sung by other hehehe

cool funky singin Tof!

+1 February 15 2016 21:54:19 aleonzTofzegrit
You are not concerned don't worry my angel.
It came to me like this because many of your songs still in my head and I was remembering "why should I love you..." Then Go!
I hope I didn't do too bad, it's like the guitar... Feeling:)
Dedication is a way to claim I'm thinking of you 💜
Come back to us when you will be on "Top"
February 15 2016 20:54:54
FrankieJFrankieJ Sugar with my coffee sire. :)

February 15 2016 20:36:21
MarceysMarceys Wow Tof! Another cool vocal track! Cool dedication to Alice too! :)
+1 February 15 2016 20:39:35 MarceysTofzegrit
Maybe it could be better but when that comes, that must get out!,:) :) :)
Merci Marc
February 15 2016 19:24:25
GlezBassGlezBass Here there are very good a "mega-artist"

February 15 2016 18:17:51
FurlanoFurlano Avec la voix, ça fait musique de série amerloque des années 70 ! On imagine le héros en blouson et patte d'eph' un peu retroussé sur des bottines claires qui se balade dans les quartiers ricains !

February 15 2016 17:53:48
AKchenAKchen wow, that comes from the deep, GREAT, love to hear you sing :) :)


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