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This is a simple build in E on bass over the drums played by Martin in track number 64339 (HD track)


March 12 2016 16:00:34
CarpenterCarpenter dangerous-level bass playin´ ahead, Tof :)
Did you use the Squier or the Logabass for this...?

+1 March 12 2016 16:50:31 CarpenterTofzegrit
:) only 4 strings Squier!
February 16 2016 17:43:42
MarceysMarceys And the groove is ON! Way cool Tof! Take care of your blisters now! :)
+1 February 16 2016 18:19:21 MarceysTofzegrit
No blister with slap!
Now, I would like some crazy keys again !!!
Last evening off back to work tomorrow but one week of vacation from 27,Feb.
February 16 2016 20:27:09 MarceysMarceys
Three days of work here and than 1 week vacation! Yes!
February 16 2016 13:06:47
TG_StratTG_Strat Fantastic, you are such a slapper :D
If you ever find your lighter, maybe you'll find my white pen too.

+1 February 16 2016 15:38:11 TG_StratTofzegrit
Lol! Merci TeeGee 🎶
February 16 2016 09:48:31
mpointonmpointon Great playing, man! And I love it when someone reuses my drums - always brings a little smile to my face :) So funky, technical and fast! How do you keep that up for three and-a-half minutes?
+1 February 16 2016 09:52:30 mpointonTofzegrit
I must take care of blisters that's because I'm slapping, then it's a question of stamina, it's not perfect regarding technic skills but...
merci Martin
February 16 2016 03:05:33
PsychoPsycho Man, very well done Tof... great bass work buddy !!
+1 February 16 2016 07:32:08 PsychoTofzegrit
My bass would be nothing without a good drumming!
Merci Psy
February 17 2016 01:51:44 PsychoPsycho
You play bass as well as that six string... a well rounded musician my friend :) Not just anybody can slap one like that !!!!
February 16 2016 02:25:32
AlbyAlby Awesome playing and fantastic sound!!
+1 February 16 2016 07:52:41 AlbyTofzegrit
And I have old strings :)
Merci Alby
February 16 2016 09:03:48 AlbyAlby
At times, old strings sounds better, especially in the mix, it depends on the bass and what sound you want.
On my Sadowsky, the strings are older than a year, but I don't change, because I like them more than when they were new.
February 16 2016 00:08:19
CyphersCyphers This is cool, any chances of getting a drumless mix?
+1 February 16 2016 12:06:59 CyphersTofzegrit
It would be a crime to change the drums here:D
Thanks for the listening Cyphers and sorry for not attached a single track...
February 15 2016 21:23:41
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Yes is a simple bass in E! BUT it's TOFISH !!! :D

February 15 2016 21:10:48
pklieschpkliesch Fast and furious....and cool!
+2 February 16 2016 07:28:51 pklieschTofzegrit
lol! Merci Patrick
February 15 2016 20:43:43
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super song::)


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